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Sorbet strain x Do-Si-Dos

by DNA Genetics

From DNA Genetics, Double Stuffed Sorbet cannabis is a classic dessert strain. Characterised by resinous buds that present a colourful mix of lime green and purples, this indica-dominant hybrid provides a sweet, creamy taste euphoric, giggly head high with a full-body chill for that after-work wind-down.

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Double Stuffed Sorbet Strain Genetics

Double Stuffed Sorbet marijuana seeds are part of DNA Genetics’ hugely popular Sorbet Collection. This time the seed company’s own sweet and tangy Sorbet strain is blended with the dessert sweet wonder that is Do-Si-Dos (Face-Off OG x OGKB), yielding an outstanding hybrid of top-shelf quality.

A magnificent assault on the senses is passed down through the Double Stuffed Sorbet lineage, as is a high THC content (around 25%) and a large quantity of both buds and resin, making this every true connoisseur’s cannabis dream.

Double Stuffed Sorbet Strain Terpene Profile

The sweet and creamy Double Stuffed Sorbet flavours are handed down from Do-Si-Do and punctuated by touches of herbal goodness from the OG Kush strains in the Double Stuffed Sorbet heritage, while there is a good dose of tangy citrus fruit on the exhale too.

It is the Double Stuffed Sorbet dominant terpenes that are responsible for these flavours, with limonene (sweet, fruity, and tangy), myrcene (earthy, herbal, and classic) and caryophyllene (spicy and peppery) being the abundant terpenes that create the tasty flavour and profound aroma of this Do-Si-Do x Sorbet strain.

Double Stuffed Sorbet Sorbet Strain Effects

If you’re looking for that sit back and smile sensation, then this feminised DNA Genetics cannabis strain is exactly what you’re after. Combining relaxation of the joints and muscles with a euphoric and uplifting sensation in the brain, this is one for kicking back with friends and enjoying a good giggle. 

The Double Stuffed Sorbet THC level is known to reach very high levels , and as a result, this is not a go-to daytime strain, instead, it is wise to save this treat for the later afternoon into the night when you have the freedom to relax and take full advantage of its potent effects.

Double Stuffed Sorbet Strain Medical Benefits

The Double Stuffed Sorbet strain medical benefit potential is several-fold, with many consumers reporting a host of positive results. One of the main possible health benefits is the relief of cramps, both muscle cramps and menstrual cramps, with caryophyllene and THC both working to support the relief of pain and discomfort associated with these issues.

Double Stuffed Sorbet medical seeds may also aid in the relief of migraines and severe headaches, as well as migraine symptoms such as pressure around the eyes. As well as THC and caryophyllene, limonene is also thought to aid in the reduction of migraine symptoms.

How to Grow Double Stuffed Sorbet Strain Seeds

A fast flowering strains, plants can be ready to harvest within as little as eight weeks from the germination of these feminised DNA Genetics seeds. Double Stuffed Sundae grows strong and durable, dealing well with outdoor cultivation and greenhouse growing. Expect a thick coat of white resin to cover buds early during growing Double Stuffed Sorbet, some weeks before the nugs are ready to harvest.

You will know when the high Double Stuffed Sorbet yield (up to 650g/m2) is ready because the thick, dense, trichome covered green and purple buds will exhale a potent, pungent scent of creamy, fruity, sweet desserts.