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Cataract Kush x Wedding Cake

by DNA Genetics

Inheriting an array of favourable genetics from both its Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies ancestry, Cataract Cake is an indica-leaning hybrid that continues a legacy of potent effects and formidable THC levels.

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Cataract Cake Genetics

Cataract Cake from DNA Genetics seed bank is an indica-dominant hybrid created from a fusion of Cataract Kush x Wedding Cake. Both are celebrated Cannabis Cup winning strains, with the renowned Wedding Cake bred from Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies and Cataract Kush, a potent crossing of LA Confidential x OG Kush.

With a number of its direct ancestors bred for their potency, users can expect the same high-quality from the rest of DNA Genetics seeds.

Cataract Cake Terpene Profile

Inheriting an array of pine and citrus flavours from its parent’s strains, Cataract Cake delivers earthy and spicy woody aromas, with notes of gassy skunk and kush, alongside hints of tropical fruits and lemons.

Cataract Cake has a terpene profile dominated by limonene and caryophyllene, producing its overall citrus and peppery earth flavour. Smaller amounts of humulene and linalool contribute a blend of hoppy sourness alongside a sweet floral spiciness and a mix of kushy skunk fragrances. A complex variety of ancillary terpenes provide additional layers to the blend, with Cataract Cake inheriting much of its flavour from its Wedding Cake parent.

Cataract Cake Strain Effects

With potent, indica-leaning qualities, the effects of Cataract Cake are primarily physical, but this hybrid also does feature a noticeable sativa influence. High levels of THC combined with a relatively low CBD content allow for a potent overall experience, which starts cerebral, leading to a creeper indica influence that envelopes and truly relaxes the body.

Consumers of Cataract Cake should be wary of its high potency and powerful effects, with novice users likely to find this one a handful. However, seasoned veterans shouldn’t underestimate this lively cannabis strain either and will likely find this pheno a worthy addition to the Wedding Cake lineage.

Cataract Cake Medical Benefits

As it’s a marijuana strain with a blend of both indica and sativa qualities, Cataract Cake offers a mix of both cerebral and physical benefits. Its remarkably strong potency makes it suitable for easing physical pains and muscle tension as well as alleviating sleep disorders and symptoms of insomnia.

Its relatively high THC content of 25% coupled with a noticeable sativa influence ensure DNA Genetics Cataract Cake has both a potent euphoric experience as well as a prolonged relaxing effect. Terpenes also provide a variety of pòtential health benefits, providing a host of perks to the gastro and cardiovascular systems, while binding with the cannabinoid receptors in the body.

How to Grow Cataract Cake Strain

Cataract Cake feminised seeds can be grown either inside or outdoors but do prefer a warm and temperate climate if nurtured outside. They’re best planted in time for a late September harvest.

With a flowering time of around 8 – 9 weeks, Cataract Cake seeds bloom into bushy cannabis plants featuring a sweet pine aroma. They produce above-average yields of compact and densely frosted buds, with hues of emerald green and orange as it matures.

This strain develops a strong aroma late into the cycle, so discreet growers are advised to look into carbon filters for extraction. Cataract Cake cannabis seeds tend to net above-average yields, with indoor growers able to expect around 350g – 400g per M2, while outdoor gardeners can look forward to upwards of 500g per plant.