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Durban Poison x OG Kush

by Big Head Seeds

Available as feminised seeds from our friends at Big Head Seeds, Girl Scout Cookies (also known as GSC) is a Californian cannabis classic and one of the most popular strains in seed banks across the globe. With a high THC level, beautiful orange and purple buds, and a buzz that has become nothing short of legendary, Girl Scout Cookies is truly the stuff of cannabis legend.

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain Genetics

Girl Scout Cookies feminized cannabis seeds are the offspring of two multi-time cannabis cup winners, the pure sativa seed, Durban Poison, and the inimitable Cali legend, OG Kush. The high quality of these high in THC seeds are apparent throughout the Girl Scout Cookies strain, with its very high THC level (up to 25%) and purple and orange hues presenting themselves in the crystal-coated buds these powerful feminized seeds produce.

While the genetics of this high THC strain may seem tough to live up to, Girl Scout Cookies has done it with style, thanks to a truly unique and inviting flavour and aroma profile. Not content with its own success, GSC plays parent to many famous strains of its own including Thin Mints and Do-si-Dos.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

There’s an earthy undertone to the flavour of this Cookies feminized strain, but thanks to a vibrant terpene profile, these marijuana seeds offer a unique and unrivalled sensory delight, even for the most experienced cannabis cannasseur.  

Following the initial subtle flavours, a party begins on the taste-buds, with a twist of lemon and a touch of pepper thanks to the terpenes produced by these GSC seeds, limonene and caryophyllene. The characteristic addition of hops, along with a woody, earthy scent comes from the presence of humulene. This fabulous blend of terpenes results in a myriad of flavours that lingers long on the lips after exhaling.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects

The effects of this high THC level strain can be split into two categories – Mind and body. While a full-body buzz creates an epic level of relaxation, this well-balanced indica-learner also provides an instantly recognisable wave of joyous euphoria.

A powerful and creative buzz will likely produce a chatty nature and sporadic bouts of intensive giggling. Just make sure you´ve got some company to enjoy it with!

A legendary, award-winning staple of our seeds bank, these delightfully balanced yet potent indica-leaning marijuana seeds grow into the ideal accompaniment to end a long day of exertion.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

Girl Scout Cookies is a popular medical cannabis for a variety of different ailments. Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene in this marijuana seed, and along with the high THC level and presence of humulene, can potentially provide pain relief, even for those living with chronic pain conditions.

Loss of appetite is also said to be improved by the hunger-inducing buzz created by this high THC strain, while limonene is said to offer medical cannabis potential for the relief of anxiety and stress symptoms.

How to Grow Girl Scout Cookies Strain Seeds

If you want to grow marijuana indoors, these fast flowering type feminised seeds can be ready in as little as eight weeks. However, if you want to experience the best Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds have to offer, it’s advisable to try and delay your harvest until you reach the 10-week point when the yield should be at its highest. Still, with Girl Scout Cookies providing a truly divinely sweet and earthy scent when nearing the end of their growth, that’s easier said than done!

Growing these feminized seeds outdoors is possible, but does necessitate a warm climate and plenty of patience. However, no matter what method you use to grow these feminized cannabis seeds, a little pruning should be all that’s necessary to ensure a high yield of luxurious buds with vibrant orange, purple and pink hue colours that revel in competing for your attention.