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Haze 1 x Skunk #1

by Dinafem

Original Amnesia is a hugely popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain that came from the equally famous Haze and Skunk family tree. With those genetics, growth-prowess and uplifting effects, Original Amnesia is truly a cannabis legend. 

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Original Amnesia Strain Genetics

There are many different versions of Amnesia on the market these days. One of those versions is called Original Amnesia. This version consists of a blend between Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. To invigorate the Original Amnesia genetics, Dinafem Seeds crossed a strain of their own Original Amnesia with itself, to ensure the pure and popular genetics of this legendary sativa-dominant strain stay strong and enjoyable for generations to come.

Original Amnesia Strain Terpene Profile

The flavour and aroma of Original Amnesia are the perfect combinations between her Skunk and Haze parents. Cannaisseurs will immediately recognize and appreciate the pungent, chemical scent that is supported by a slightly sour and yet fresh flavour of citrus, earth, and pinewood. This intense flavour is brought together by a terpene profile that contains myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene.

Original Amnesia Strain Effects

Original Amnesia is famed for its typical and intense sativa high. This high brings about waves of euphoric happiness and bliss, with tons of energy and feelings of well-being. Get ready to forget all your troubles and laugh the night away.

Original Amnesia Strain Medical Benefits

This strain is a suitable strain for all those who are struggling with chronic stress, anxiety or other mood disorders. There are strong indications this strain can be used to treat symptoms of depression, PTSD and ADHD.

The energy boost you get from Original Amnesia might also help with chronic fatigue. Besides that, Original Amnesia can be seen as an excellent tool for pain management.

How to Grow Original Amnesia Strain

Original Amnesia is a great strain for beginners and has the potential to provide large yields. This strain is suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation, albeit for those who live along northern latitudes might want to grow her indoors.

To get the best results when growing Original Amnesia, it is advised to use the SOG technique.