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Wedding Cake x Bitch Slap

by Dark Horse Genetics

A racy name for a tasty strain, Conjugal Visit is an indica-dominant hybrid from the breeders at Dark Horse Genetics that blends Cookies and Kush for a high THC, potent beauty.

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Conjugal Visit Strain Genetics

Available at our dispensary, Dark Horse Genetics – Conjugal Visit is the lovechild of two strains with deep family trees. On one side, Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) brings the sweet and strong vibe of Girl Scout Cookies to proceedings, while Bitch Slap (OZ Kush x Kosher Kush) adds a potent dose of OG Kush lineage.

Expect that cerebral, euphoric high both the Kush and Cookies legacies are known for, with easy growing traits and hefty buds, as well as a beautiful mix of flavours and aromas that complement the blissful buzz perfectly. The bar is set high for any strain with such an impressive heritage, but Conjugal Visit does not disappoint!

Conjugal Visit Strain Terpene Profile

This marijuana strain offers a classic terpene profile with enough depth and richness, ensuring uniqueness amongst the familiar tastes and smells. One of the dominant terpenes is limonene, which brings a fruity vibe, while caryophyllene adds a peppery tingle. Together, these terps are predominantly responsible for the sweet and fruity taste of GSC descended strains like Zkittlez, with a little touch of the Chem strains (like Sour Diesel) in there too.

The OG Kush side of the flavour profile is represented mainly by myrcene, the earthy, herbal 

terpene responsible for that classic scent that is also reminiscent of classic Skunk, Northern Lights, and Durban Poison blends. Linalool is also present here, adding a floral side to this scent of greenery and keeping things classic yet modern!

Conjugal Visit Strain Effects

Both the families present in the genetics of these Conjugal Visit cannabis seeds are known for a similar buzz, east described as relaxed euphoria. A chip off the old block, Conjugal Visit delivers a full-body buzz providing chilled vibes with cerebral, uplifting head effects.

We try to be critical with our strain reviews, but it’s difficult with this amazing offering! That being said, thanks to a high THC level of over 20%, this potent cannabis can knock you for six if you’re not careful. We suggest you tread the accelerator gently to get the best effects out of this ride because, when you get it right, it’s one of the best tingly, happy highs around!

Conjugal Visit Strain Medical Benefits

If you live with chronic pain conditions (such as fibromyalgia) or you’re dealing with short-term pain issues, then the potential medical marijuana benefits of this cannabis strain may be able to help you. Reports from happy consumers say that both the severity and longevity of pain symptoms can be reduced thanks to the high THC and varied terpene profile.

Additionally, anxiety symptoms may also be alleviated by the relaxing, calming, and mood-lifting sensations this Wedding Cake x Bitch Slap strain can offer. Day-related anxiety or long-term anxiety conditions may both be reduced thanks to this strain working hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system.

How to Grow Conjugal Visit Strain Seeds

For indoor growers, expect results from these Conjugal Visit marijuana seeds as little as eight (and no more than 10) weeks from germination. In terms of work from your side, there really isn’t too much to do. Keep an eye on the branches, prune if needed, and maybe sort some trellising to ensure the heavy buds don’t bend the plants. Beyond that, you’re good!

Outdoor growers will have a similarly easy time of it. If you’re not using a greenhouse, you want to be somewhere with a Mediterranean style climate, warm summers, limited rainfall. Keep an eye out for mites and mould too, and you’ll get excellent results. Both the indoor yields and outdoor yields from these regular seeds (Dark Horse don’t currently offer this hybrid strain as feminized or autoflowering seeds) are hugely impressive, with a sea of dank, trichome covered buds decorated with various shade of orange and purple.