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It’s time to celebrate because every day’s a special day with Wedding Cake, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, available as feminized seeds from Big Head Seeds. A popular choice in seed banks across the planet, this potent, high THC level strain provides a berry dominant, citrus-scented explosion for the senses. This marijuana seed has a fast flowering time with buds that provide a euphoric and long-lasting high that’ll leave you smiling all day long.

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Wedding Cake Strain Genetics

Wedding Cake is a member of a big family, being one of many descendants of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, a favourite child of multi-time cup winner OG Kush. Cookies strains are characterised by their tempting flavours and borderline saccharine aroma, as well as a high THC content. Cherry Pie, another modern-day classic makes up the 2nd part of Wedding Cake’s genetic lineage.

Wedding Cake feminized seeds makes its mother strains proud with a smorgasbord of sweet-smelling scents and a THC level that can reach up to 25%, ensuring a strain potentially even more potent than its parents. As with all Cookies strains, a little goes a long way here, and Wedding Cake strain is undoubtedly a worthy ancestor to the indica strains in its genetic background.

Wedding Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Citrus tones are the most dominant in both smell and flavour with wedding cake feminized seeds, especially on the exhale, and that’s down to the presence of limonene in this cannabis strain’s terpene profile. 

There is more going on with Wedding Cake than just one flavour, however. A scintillating smattering of spice stays on the tongue after exhale, due to caryophyllene being present, while an earthier, herbal undercurrent is provided by the presence of the prolific terpene, myrcene. Combined, these terpenes create a mesmerising treat for the tastebuds and a gorgeous gift for the nose with heavenly hints of berries and cream where the limonene and caryophyllene collide in this high THC strain. 

Wedding Cake Strain Effects

Uplifting isn’t a strong enough word to describe the fast-acting effects offered up by Wedding Cake feminized marijuana seeds. A relatively small amount of this marijuana strain usually results in a glorious combination of pure euphoria, and full-body relaxation that feels like sinking into the world’s softest pillow.

Expect your creative juices to run fast with this strain, although the very high THC content may mean that you can’t act on them quite yet! This is not a daytime strain, but once your work is finished for the day, this Big Head Seeds strain is one of the finest ways to kick back, chill out, and smile.

Wedding Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Wedding Cake is the perfect name for this strain, such is its appetite-inducing appeal. The high THC content gives this strain plenty of medicinal potential for people struggling with a lack of appetite, as THC binds to cannabinoid receptors which control the body’s hunger processes. THC may also provide pain relief for those with chronic pain conditions.

The relatively high presence of both caryophyllene and limonene means Wedding Cake is a popular choice of medical seeds for those looking to grow medical cannabis seeds to treat conditions like depression and anxiety. 

The terpenes present here have a long history of use for improving mood and softening the symptoms of depression, and this potential medical cannabis may provide the same properties.

How to Grow Wedding Cake Seeds

Big Head Seeds’ Wedding Cake are easy to grow feminized cannabis seeds with a fast flowering time. Indoor growers will need space, as these plants can branch out some, with dark green leaves capable of taking over your grow room unless some regular pruning and trimming takes place to keep the plant height in check.

When growing wedding cake seeds Fans of resin extraction will be ecstatic with the crystal-coated appearance of the orange coated buds (reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies) that appear in around eight weeks when grown outdoors. wedding cake seeds are picky about outdoor climates, so unless you’re in a warm and dry environment, this high THC strain is best suited for an indoor grow

However, those growing cannabis in Mediterranean countries are likely to see a high yield from these female seeds. Either way, this modern-day classic of a marijuana seed will announce harvest time with potent, fruity aromas and delightfully colourful buds.