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Sunshine #4 x Bitch Slap

by Dark Horse Genetics

All hail the glorious new supreme leader of the Chemdog family – Chem Jong-Un, a towering THC titan from Dark Horse Genetics that commands only the utmost respect.

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Chem Jong-Un Genetic Profile

This cannabis strain needs no cult of personality to create its perfect public image. Born into one of the most prestigious cannabis dynasties, Chem Jong-Un lineage can be traced back to the revered Sunshine #4 – a High Times Medical Cup winner created from Chem 4 and the blueberry kush classic, Sunshine Dream – and Dark Horse Genetics own Bitch Slap special breed. This venerated blend of Kush and Chem traits has resulted in a heavenly hybrid plant that’s truly deserving of your undying devotion.

Though not available in autoflowering or feminized form, Chem Jong-Un marijuana seeds are by no means as demanding as the Korean dictator from which they get their name and produce lofty, large-yielding plants with little effort. For quality cannabis without the need for propaganda, swear loyalty to this crafty Chem chairman and see what a real marijuana leader looks like. 

Chem Jong-Un Strain Terpene Profile

Dark Horse purposely picked a Chem 4 heavy phenotype when picking this pungent strain’s Sunshine parent. Perfect for Chemdawg connoisseurs, Chem Jong-Un aroma profile is thick with chlorine and sweet bleach scents that may sting the eyes and nose but are sure to put a pleasant tingle on the tongue. These combine with citrus, pine, and Blueberry Bubba terps on the back-end, giving a fruity sweetness to this strain’s kerosene kick.

Chemdawg strains get their unusual lab room flavours from strong-scented sesquiterpenes like caryophyllene, bisabolol, and humulene. Due to its half-kush heritage, Chem Jong-Un abundant terpenes also include limonene and myrcene, which are more commonly associated with fruity and citrus tastes, and alpha-pinene, which adds an extra invigorating blast. 

Chem Jong-Un Strain Effects

Dark Horse Genetics are renowned for their hardline, high THC strains, and this marijuana marshal doesn’t disappoint. Chem Jong-Un THC content falls between 24-29%, and, as such, it wields significant power in the psychoactive arena. Like most Chemdawg related strains, users can expect a full and intensely invigorating sativa-based cerebral experience paired with a more indica-influenced, heavy-bodied feeling. This is punctuated by a destabilizing sedative smackdown that may leave you a prisoner of your couch as your high reaches its end stages.

Cannabis newbies should probably give this deadly dynasty warrior a wide berth. Chem Jong-Un effects might seem friendly at first, but shouldn’t be underestimated, as they can be pretty ruthless when they want to be. For the unprepared or inexperienced, we recommend swearing allegiance elsewhere, as this high THC/low CBD cultivar can quickly turn from ally to enemy if you make a wrong step.

Chem Jong-Un Strain Medical Benefits

Owing to its unique cannabinoid content and varied genetic heritage – which includes a medical cup-winning parent – Chem-Jong Un medical benefits extend to a range of behavioural and physical conditions. Its heavy indica-dominant influence and high caryophyllene content make it ideal for eliminating pain, curtailing inflammation, and generally promoting a relaxed, pain-free experience. Furthermore, its lofty THC content increases this analgesic effectiveness even further, meaning this medical plant can even take the edge off migraines and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.

The pleasant cerebral high produced by cannabis grown from Chem Jong-Un medical seeds has also made it valuable in managing symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, and PTSD. Cannabis has a measured effect on our CB1-R and 5-HT1A receptors, which can help reduce our fear response and feelings of anxiety. This is further enhanced via the entourage effect, with terpenes like limonene offering their own calming influence.

How to Grow Chem Jong-Un Strain

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor cultivator, a first-time grower, or an expert, you won’t have to travel to North Korea when growing this cannabis commander and chief, as Chem Jong-Un cannabis seeds thrive in almost any environment. Whether in the ground or a grow house, this high-producing cultivar delivers big on its promises with virtually no assistance. 

Producing massive, candy-coated fuel towers with spear-shaped colas and dank lime-green flowers, though staking or extra support shouldn’t be necessary when growing these regular seeds, Dark Horse does recommend training through a triple-tier trellis to manage their vigorous growth and maximize your overall yield properly.

Expect a flowering time of around eight-ten weeks from germination for this Sunshine 4 x Bitch Slap hybrid to reach full maturity, but if you’re hoping to speed up Chem Jong-Un flowering time, several measures can be taken including carefully manipulating its light cycle. Nevertheless, we recommended letting nature take its course to ensure good fortune when harvest time finally rolls around to allow Chem Jong-Un yields to reach their full potential.