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While the origin of the famed Chemdawg strain remains something of a mystery, there is no doubting the popularity of this legendary indica-leaning hybrid from Guru Seeds. Available in both regular seeds, feminized seeds and auto-flowering, Chemdawg marijuana seeds are favoured for their rapid flowering time, powerful diesel aroma, and potent cerebral effects.

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Chemdawg Strain Genetics

The exact genetic history of this high in THC strain is uncertain, it is said that it is a cross of Thai and Nepalese sativa strains with several rumoured origin stories that border on the mythical at times. While its origins remain inconclusive, Chemdawg seeds emerged from the well-known line devised by its creator, the famed US Breeder Chemdog, as a product of the original Chem 91 elite clone.

There’s some debate about the indica and sativa content of this cannabis strain, with some users claiming indica leaning and others qualifying it as a sativa. While this Humbodlt Chemdawg strain leans slightly in favour of indica, avid consumers are confident that this is a pure cannabis hybrid, combining both indica and sativa genetics to simultaneously induce physical relaxation and cerebral activation.

This vigorous marijuana seed is also a notable parent of multi-time cannabis cup winners and all-round legends Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Chemdawg Strain Terpene Profile

Diesel strain types are so named due to their distinctive fuel smell and flavour, and that comes from the terpene profile. That bold jet-fuel tingle on the tongue on both inhale and exhale comes in no small part from the presence of the dominant terpene in Chemdawg cannabis, caryophyllene. The potent, peppery, spicy tones of this terpene create the foundation of the notable scent of this cannabis strain that was handed down to Sour Diesel. 

Obviously, a diesel fuel smell alone would be a bit much, and the existence of myrcene (adding a gentle, herbal, earthy scent to soften the fuel tones) and limonene (providing a twist of tropical fruit on the lips on exhale) ensure that the diesel nature of Guru Seeds’  Chemdawg cannabis is not too overbearing.

Chemdawg Strain Effects

First-time users should be advised to moderate their dosage here, as the effects of this high THC level feminized cannabis strain are rapid and intense. However, experienced users can expect the powerful, cerebral high of this Guru Seeds high in THC strain (around 20%) to promote relaxation while activating alertness to set you up perfectly for effervescent discussions and a few likely giggle fits thrown in.

The effortless mix of mental focus and ease in the body is what makes Chemdawg seeds so sought-after. Providing a perfect option for a daytime cannabis strain, or a helping hand to drift off into a sleep full of eventful and imaginative dreams.

Chemdawg Strain Medical Benefits

Chemdawg cannabis seeds have a relatively high caryophyllene content, a terpene thought to have anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting properties. This, combined with the high THC levels (believed to aid the pain-relieving abilities of the endocannabinoid system) means this Chemdawg strain could be useful as medical cannabis to treat chronic pain and migraines without sedative effects.

On the other hand, the presence of limonene and myrcene, both used in folk medicines to provide relaxation and stress-relief, suggests that Chemdawg is a good choice of medical marijuana to treat anxiety and other stress-related ailments.

How to Grow Chemdawg Seeds

The Chemdawg strain is a photoperiod flowering type that is probably a little easier to grow indoors than out, but in either case, these feminised seeds will demand your attention frequently. Available in both regular seeds and feminised seeds, Chemdawg is recommended for more advanced growers, as it is not considered a particularly easy to grow strain. 

Recommended for indoor cultivation, the key to Chemdawg success is to bend and prune the plants so they don’t grow too far past 150cms. The flowering time of these impressive cannabis seeds is around 8 to 10 weeks (when grown indoors) and generally provides a high yield of 400-600g/m2. The pungent, diesel infused scent that emanates from the plants of Chemdawg seeds when they’re ready will act as a very effective alarm to announce harvest time.