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Mandarin Kush x Sour Dubble

by Dank Genetics

For the ultimate sunkissed citrus flavour and refreshing THC-fuelled effects, try Fresh Orange cannabis seeds from Dank Genetics – an indica-leaning Kush cultivar that’s certain to quench your cannabis thirst.

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Fresh Orange Strain Genetics

Fresh Orange lineage can be traced back to the king of cannabis strains – OG Kush. Blending DNA from Mandarin Kush – a citrus-tasting Trichome Seeds creation – with classic Sour Dubble genes, the Dank Genetics seedbank have created an exciting new poly hybrid that’s highly productive and unbelievably pungent.    

Now available in an easy-to-grow, feminized format from the MGS online store, Fresh Orange marijuana seeds evoke all of the juicy flavours of a Florida keys fruit cocktail, paired with a super-strong psychoactive kick to keep the summer vibes flowing.

Fresh Orange Strain Terpene Profile

Fresh Orange aroma is overwhelming and, as one might expect, exactly as its name suggests. Once in full flower, this pheno’s pungency is unrivalled, and these fruity qualities carry right through to its moreish flavour. Expect a powerful aroma of oranges, intense sour orange flavours with juicy sweet undertones that leave an orange sherbert aftertaste on the tongue.

Fresh Orange abundant terpenes include limonene – an aromatic compound found in the peel of tangerines, lemons and many other citrus fruits. Alpha-pinene and myrcene also contribute in part, and each of these organic chemicals possesses unique psychoactive properties that lend Fresh Orange weed its memorable sensory impact.   

Fresh Orange Strain Effects

Fresh Orange effects are almost as intense as its flavour. Offering a high THC, low CBD experience that’s productive and euphoric at first but quickly evolves into a heavy physical high, users will find its introspective, sativa-like cerebral effects continue throughout their long-lasting psychoactive journey, making this juice-flavoured cultivar great for getting those creative juices flowing. 

Fresh Orange THC levels are high and, while an exact percentage isn’t yet available, its parents both boast concentrations ranging between 16-20%. Although experienced users shouldn’t encounter any problems, novices may find its bite a little too sharp and may wish to stick to a weaker strain. 

Fresh Orange strain Medical Benefits

Limonene is a multipurpose terpene that lends Fresh Orange medical seeds may curative applications. Primarily used as a flavouring agent, unlike many cannabis compounds, it can actually help reduce appetite and inflammation in the gut, promoting weight loss and healthy digestion while reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

Limonene can also be utilised as an effective stress reliever. By altering neurotransmitter functions, this chemical can really take the edge off in a clinical sense, reducing feelings of anxiety and nervousness.  As such, Fresh Orange medical benefits also include treating stress disorders and social anxiety.

How to Grow Fresh Orange Strain

Cannabis cultivation can be daunting, but Dank Genetics have ensured growing Fresh Orange feminised marijuana seeds are easy for gardeners, old and new. Responding well to bending and training, it’s a highly adaptable strain and suitable for SOG due to its weighty central cola. SCROG is also an option, and by pinching out branches in this fashion to promote bushy horizontal development, growers may maximise their yields even further. Even without these techniques, Fresh Orange yields will still be in excess of 600 g per m2, or 600-700g per plant if grown outside.

Fresh Orange flowering time averages at 9 weeks from germination, and this is when its smell becomes especially strong. Inside growers may require the use of charcoal filters or an odour control system to temper its powerful aroma, which is less than discreet. Those wishing to make the most of this terpenic potential should consider resin extracts or concentrate creation, as this plant has a great flower to leaf ratio, producing very dense, rocky buds that are completely covered in sticky trichomes.