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Sour Dubble x Birthday Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

Cannarado Genetics’ Twins cannabis seeds are sweet and sour, crystal-coated, indica-dominant hybrid masterpiece that offers a unique genetic profile and a rich variety of flavours. Easy to grow and high yielding, Twins seeds develop into beautiful looking plants that offer an impressively high THC content. 

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Twins Strain Genetics

These high-quality cannabis seeds are the product of melding two seed bank favourites, Sour Dubble (Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble) and Birthday Cake (Cherry Pie x GSC, also known as Cherry Cookies).

Bringing the epitome of Afghan, diesel, kush, and cookies strains together, the Twins mother plants ensure a potent THC level (20-25%), a pungent aroma of fuel and fruit, and rapidly growing Twins marijuana seeds that result in compact plants with huge, almost sheer white, resinous nugs.

Twins Strain Terpene Profile

As mentioned, the two notable flavours here are heavy diesel and exotic fruit, there is also a note of pine involved here. This taste and aroma profile is the result of the Twins dominant terpenes.

The Sour Diesel like, fuel-abundant Twins aroma and flavour on the inhale, comes via the presence of caryophyllene a common cannabis terpene providing rich notes of spice and pepper that tickly the throat. Limonene gives that tingle of citrus fruit, especially on the exhale, with an extra sweet touch, reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies, coming from myrcene. This terpene also provides a herbal aroma reminiscent of old school classics like Northern Lights and White Widow. 

Finally, that lingering scent of forest pine that hangs in the air after exhale comes from the sensibly named terpene pinene.

Twins Strain Effects

The flavours and aromas of this potent strain come from two very different directions, and this is repeated in the indica-dominant effects (with a touch of sativa). From one side comes a deep sense of relaxation that spreads through the whole body, while the other side of the coin brings a psychedelic euphoria that would make the grumpiest human giggle.

Due to the Twins THC level being so high (and potentially a fairly high CBD content too) expect this buzz to be both fast-acting and long-lasting. The pleasing combination of effects provided by this hybrid cannabis makes Twins a good choice for the late afternoon or early evening, just as your daily tasks are coming to an end, and you have the freedom to take full advantage of the chill provided by this Cannarado Genetics seed company strain.

Twins Strain Medical Benefits

Twins medical benefits have the potential to be wide-reaching, thanks to the combination of THC content, terpenes, and medical marijuana genetics. The primary use for Twins medical seeds is for those living with regular bouts of stress and stress-related conditions. The two-pronged assistance of relaxation and mood-enhancing may give these cannabis seeds the ability to reduce symptoms associated with stress disorders.

The long-term relaxation created by the intense THC levels and blend of limonene and pinene also provides this Cannarado Genetics cannabis strain with the potential to aid sleep patterns. This could be particularly useful for those with insomnia, assisting with both getting to sleep and staying asleep through the night.

How to Grow Twins Seeds

Easy to germinate even for first-time gardeners, Twins may be so named because the buds practically double in size towards harvest time. Twins yields are particularly impressive, with 500g/m2 for indoor growers (SCROG recommended) and around 600g per single seed in outdoor gardens and greenhouses. You shouldn’t have to wait long for these seeds to bloom into beautiful marijuana plants, with Twins flowering in less than eight weeks from germination in some indoor grow rooms.

Those growing these feminised seeds in a greenhouse should be able to take the pale green buds down in mid-October and start prepping them for use. When ready, the green of the dank buds may be difficult to see thanks to the thick coat of crystal that should be wrapped around the nuggs, providing a shimmer of bright white that is as stunning as the fruity, fuel-tinged scent that emanates from these cannabis plants.