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GSC Forum x Birthday Cake (aka Cherry Cookies)

by Cannarado Genetics

Back to Cookies is a remarkable indica-dominant hybrid cannabis seed type from the Cannarado Genetics seed company, characterised by tones of exotic fruits and classic herbal flavours. Available as feminised seeds, Back to Cookies cannabis seeds are easy to grow, creating dense and resinous dark green buds that provide a cerebral, mildly psychedelic buzz.

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Back to Cookies Strain Genetics

Cannarado Genetics Back to Cookies seeds have a reinforced Girl Scout Cookies heritage, this comes from blending GSC Forum x Birthday Cake (also known as Cherry Cookies) which is a product of mixing Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie.

The heavy GSC influence means that Back to Cookies lineage includes Durban Poison and Cali favourite OG Kush, and the many traits of these multi-award-winning seed bank favourites can be found in the flavours and growing characteristics of this leafy Cannarado Genetics marijuana strain, but with enough individual personality for this to not just be a clone of its mother seeds.

Back to Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

With strain legends like GSC, OK Kush, and Durban Poison in its lineage, you’d expect a classic flavour and aroma profile here, and that’s what you get. But thanks to the terpenes contained in these cannabis seeds, there are some unique touches too.

The dominant Back to Cookies flavour is that of exotic citrus fruit, with a sour, almost peppery and fuel-tinged tang. This intriguing and moreish taste comes as a result of a combination of two terpenes, limonene and caryophyllene. The old school herbal scents of classic skunk strains, especially on the exhale, is a result of another dominant Back to Cookies terpene, myrcene, providing a vintage feel to this fruity marijuana.

Back to Cookies Strain Effects

The Back to Cookies THC level is potently high (capable of reaching well above 20%), so the effects hit hard, hit swift, and last a good long time (or a long good time, depending on your perspective).

A cerebral, creative buzz can be expected here, while a relaxing body-buzz creates a euphoric sensation from head to toe that can be enjoyed for up to 3 to 4 hours. 

Back to Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

High in THC, but low in CBD, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain believed to aid with the relief of pain, and these potential medical marijuana genetics have been passed down to Back to Cookies. The high THC content gives an extra helping hand here, and along with the terpene profile may aid in the reduction of pain symptoms.

Back to Cookies medical seeds are popular with those who live with regular bouts of stress and anxiety, calming the mind and softening the possible associated symptoms of these issues.

How to Grow Back to Cookies Strain Seeds

Back to Cookies feminized marijuana seeds provide bountiful yields of high-quality big buds that are a classic dark green in tone and coated in crystal trichomes. The fruity scents will emanate from the plants quickly and linger tantalisingly in the air throughout the growth period. Growing Back to Cookies seeds indoors or outdoors should be pretty easy, as long as outdoor growers do not live in very wet climates. In the case of wetter climes, greenhouse growth is advised.

Back to Cookies’ flowering time is impressively quick, taking as little as eight weeks from germination when grown indoors, and being ready to harvest in early October when grown outdoors or in greenhouses. These high indica, low sativa plants can grow tall and leafy, so make sure you have space, but beyond that, minimal effort is required to cultivate these stunning, homegrown cannabis seeds.