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by Big Head Seeds

Big Head Seeds presents Julie’s Cookies, a tempting, tantalising, and tasty remix of the legendary cannabis cup winning marijuana strain, Girl Scout Cookies, a legend at our seeds bank. Available as feminized cannabis seeds, this high THC level, easy to grow strain is sturdy and mould resistant, and produces trichome covered buds that glisten in the sunlight, before providing a full body euphoric buzz with a truly delicious flavour.

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Julie’s Cookies Strain Genetics

Julie keeps her recipe secret, so the genetic background of these feminized seeds are a bit of a mystery, but we know for sure that the main mother plant of Julie’s Cookies is the Girl Scout Cookies strain (GSC), a winner of countless Cannabis Cup awards. An immensely popular choice at our seeds bank, Girl Scout Cookies Strain has provided a number of impressive cookies strains including Animal Cookies and White Cookies. 

Girl Scout Cookies strain is known for its high yield and fast flowering time, as well as a potent THC content, but Julie’s Cookies may take all of that to another level. The durability of these cannabis seeds may challenge that of the famous cup winners in their genetics, and with a THC level that can go up above 25%, Julie’s Cookies could be even stronger than it´s parents.

Julie’s Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

The flavours of Julie’s Cookies are certainly reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies, but thanks to this cannabis strain’s unique terpene profile, she has a taste and aroma all of her own.

The sweet, fruity flavour is a result of the combination of limonene, known for its dominant citrus lemon scent and taste, and caryophyllene, a spicier, peppery terpene. With caryophyllene potentially more present in the terpene makeup of this high THC strain, a zing of cinnamon can be felt on the exhale, a delicious flavour combination of sweet and spicy.

Myrcene is another terpene found in these marijuana seeds and adds some extra woody tones on the tongue on both inhale and exhale.

Julie’s Cookies Effects

Julie’s Cookies may have a remarkably high THC content, but the buzz doesn’t hit you right off the bat. Like other Cookies strains, the high starts subtly, gently relaxing the body and mind, and then builds up gently and slowly into an internal firework display of euphoric bliss, putting a smile on your face that could light up the rainiest of days.

A little goes a very long way with this high THC strain. Not necessarily a daytime smoke, this cannabis strain creates a lovely end to a day, the relaxing, giggly, conversational buzz can add its charming personality to any evening’s events, and with a long-lasting, full-body ecstasy a relaxed sense of calm and blissful euphoria should engulf your evening.

Julie’s Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana genetics of Girl Scout Cookies are strong in Big Head Seeds Julies Cookies marijuana seeds, and this cannabis strain certainly has medicinal potential, especially as limonene and myrcene can work together to provide potential anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties as well as possibly aiding in combating the symptoms of depression.

The pain-relieving potential of THC is well documented. The high levels in this Big Head Seeds strain, combined with caryophyllene, bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body and may support the relief of pain associated with chronic pain conditions, recurring migraines, and more.

How to Grow Julie’s Cookies Strain

Julie’s Cookies feminized is an ideal choice of cannabis seeds for beginners; this stable and sturdy plant is easy to grow, and mould resistant. This means there is very little work necessary on the grower’s side, with a high yield of great-tasting buds and a fast flowering time on offer after just eight to nine weeks.

Grown indoors using SOG or SCROG methods, these feminised seeds will flourish. Outdoor growers can expect a late September harvest with a huge yield. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the glorious array of orange and purple hues over the bright green buds of this stunning Big Heads Seeds cannabis strain will make harvest time a date to really look forward to!

How to Grow Julie’s Cookies Auto Strain

In case Julie’s Cookies cannabis seeds weren’t easy enough to grow, there is also an autoflower version!  Julie’s Cookies Auto takes even less work, basically, just light changes twice a day, and these autoflower seeds will do the rest for you! 

One of the best beginner strains, there is a little bit of a sacrifice on yield here, and the flowering time is a little longer (8-10 weeks) but the delicious coat of resin and the high THC content remain much the same with Julie’s Cookies Auto feminized seeds as they are with the regular seeds.