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Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies

by Big Head Seeds

A monstrous medley of two venerable marijuana strains, Cookie Dawg, is a full-bodied indica dominant hybrid from the strain hunters at the seeds co, Big Head Seeds that melds complex savoury flavours with a mellow, relaxing high that’ll rapidly have you giggling from ear to ear.

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Cookie Dawg Strain Genetics

Marking one of the marijuana world’s most sought after strain pairings, Cookie Dawg feminised seeds from the Big Head Seeds company is a welcome addition to our seeds bank.

Combining genetics from two elite top-shelf indica-dominant seed types into a single spectacular cultivar, this prestigious pedigree results in a super high THC content, and some formidable sensory effects.

Girl Scout Cookies (now known as GSC) – a Californian cup-winner that needs little introduction – lends these feminised cannabis seeds their synapse-busting impact and echoes of the same oven-baked freshness that defines this indica dominant favourite. Chemdawg, on the other hand, which famously birthed both OG Kush and Sour Diesel, brings its biting chemical flavours and classic Kush characteristics to this overpowered offshoot of the Cookie family. 

Cookie Dawg Strain Terpene Profile

Despite the sugary echoes of its Girl Scout genetics, Cookie Dawg is a predominantly savoury strain with an intricate terpene profile composed of numerous aromatic compounds.

Exuding an earthy scent with distinct notes of vanilla and toasted nuts, the strain’s semi-sweet aroma, which is also discernible on the inhale, is quickly offset by Chemdawg’s characteristic sourness and the piney fuel flavours that define similar Diesel seed types. 

The result of a rare balance of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene compounds, with humulene adding hoppy accents to this palette-pleasing cannabis strain, Cookie Dawg from Big Head Seeds is certainly a break from the norm in terms of taste, marking another sensory success story for its prolific seeds bank.

Cookie Dawg Strain Effects

While an indica-dominant hybrid and boasting powerful sedentary secondary effects, Cookie Dawg initially hits with an entertaining euphoric high characterized by hunger, happiness and intense relaxation.

Designed for veteran smokers, as its high THC content can be somewhat overwhelming, users can expect bouts of the giggles and a dreamy cerebral experience before the hybrid’s physical effects kick in. Despite its strength, users can remain physically active while enjoying the somewhat intoxicating influence of these formidable feminized seeds.    

Cookie Dawg Medical Benefits

Thanks to its vigorous medical marijuana genetics, Cookie Dawg, like many top-shelf cannabis strains, has proven to be a powerful appetite stimulant, spiking hormone levels in the body that control our hunger responses, making these feminised seeds ideal for treating eating disorders. This effect is further enhanced by myrcene terpenes, which contribute to the strain’s relaxing qualities and can also assist with pain relief.

Beta-caryophyllene – the first known ‘dietary cannabinoid’ and present in high levels within this strain, can be especially beneficial for users of medical marijuana. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be used to modulate joint pain, headaches, and a host of digestive conditions. 

How to Grow Cookie Dawg Strain

An especially aesthetically pleasing strain, Cookie Dawg feminized seeds produce sturdy structured, high-yielding cannabis plants, with beautiful blue and green popcorn-shaped buds wreathed in ruddy orange pistils. Bred not only for its effects and olfactory aesthetics, its user-friendly growth qualities mean these feminized cannabis seeds are a great jumping-off point for aspiring cultivators. 

Easy to grow indoors and out, and with a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks, these female seeds are also generous resin producers, making Cookie Dawg seeds from the Big Head Seeds co a prime option for those looking to experiment with extracts and cannabis concentrates.