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Cheese x Critical

by Big Head Seeds

A supercharged Cheese auto seed variety from the expert strain hunters at the Big Head Seeds co, Big Stilton Auto might make your eyes water, but it’s funky fragrance, and massive yields are nothing to be sniffed at. An easy to grow strain with cup winner genetics, Big Stilton autoflowering cannabis seeds are an instantly recognisable Cheese classic!

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Big Stilton Auto Strain Genetics

In pursuit of pungency, heavy highs and superior growth rates, Big Head Seeds have blended three popular super strains, each with their own individual strengths, to create these beefed-up autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Beginning with a select cut of Auto Cheese, an indica-dominant auto seed cup winner that has proven highly popular in seed banks across the world provides Big Stilton Auto with its stinky aroma.

A powerful Critical Auto strain brings its physical and mental effects to the table with fruity skunk flavours that perfectly complement the hybrid’s sharp profile. Finally, robust ruderalis genetics inherited from both of these auto feminized varieties ensures a stress-free growth cycle. 

Completing the genetic makeup, the hefty yields and durability of Big Stilton Auto are provided by the Big Head Seeds company’s very own Big Head #1 strain which was crafted to deliver bigger plants and chunkier colas. 

Big Stilton Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Cheese strains gain their sour aroma from a range of aromatic compounds, including caryophyllene and limonene. In Big Stilton Auto, this quality has been enhanced to give it the unmistakable funk and flavour of mature blue Cheese. 

Critical auto and Auto Cheese are both descended from potent Skunk strains, giving rise to the pungent earthy notes that complement their offspring’s olfactory profile. Myrcene terpenes also play a role in its sophisticated taste, cutting through the pungency, to deliver a fruity finish that lingers.   

Big Stilton Auto Strain Effects

Available as feminised seeds only, Big Stilton Auto’s pungency is rivalled only by its extensive range of effects. Skunk and Afghani genetics lend the strain an indica-typical hit that leaves the body happy and relaxed. These effects are met with an uplifting sense of euphoria and elevated creativity as its high-energy buzz eases you into a blissful state of mind.

Gentle enough for daytime use, a THC level of 15 % ensures an experience that’s intense but not overwhelming, making Big Stilton Auto especially suitable for those with a medium to high tolerance.

Big Stilton Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The same cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for Auto Cheese’s musty flavour and effects are also famed for their medicinal applications. Limonene-rich cannabis seeds like these promote an uplift in temperament, and these mood-enhancing properties can be ideal for managing depression and anxiety. It’s also a “helper terpene” that aids the absorption of other terpenes in the body and helps regulate healthy gut function.

When married with caryophyllene’s powerful pain-blocking qualities, these effects make Big Stilton Auto feminised seeds highly suitable for those looking to grow medical seeds to treat digestive issues.

How to Grow Big Stilton Auto Strain

Critical Auto and Big Head #1 and were both created for their explosive growth rates, short flowering time, and high yields. These traits are passed down to Big Stilton Auto feminized seeds, along with rugged ruderalis genetics to make cultivation even simpler. Pest and mould resistance and an increased stature also mean these feminized auto seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth. 

The ideal commercial crop, multi-branching and a short inter-nodal distance ensure magnificent harvests of giant bright green buds every time. With a quick and ready flowering time of 10 weeks and yields of around 400g/m2, this commercial autoflower seed is ideal for those looking for quality, as well as quantity.