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Blueberry x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert

by Barneys Farm

If you like your cannabis sweet and fruity, then these Blue Gelato feminized seeds from Barney’s Farm are precisely what you’ve been looking for! With deep, earthy undertones, this indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain is an absolute treat for the tastebuds and provides an incredible buzz to boot!

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Blue Gelato Strain Genetics

GSC strains are strong in the Blue Gelato lineage, with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert both playing their role, ensuring West Coast classics like OG Kush and Durban Poison are present within the higher branches of the family tree. The fruitier side of things is provided by another parent of these Blue Gelato marijuana seeds, Blueberry.

Blue Gelato’s aromas are handed down from the descendants to ensure a scent as sweet as the taste, and a euphoric, cerebral buzz can also be expected. Before that, expect to be spoilt by easy growing traits and a fast flowering time too!

Blue Gelato Strain Terpene Profile

The Blue Gelato flavour profile, while dominated by sweet and fruity indica leaning Cookies flavours, is characterised by the uniquely earthy, pine-like touches that lie under those strong tastes on the inhale. This undertone is the result of pinene, a terpene that provides those fresh forest vibes.

Two more Blue Gelato dominant terpenes are limonene and caryophyllene, two terps which, respectively, provide intense citrus flavours and spicy aromas. Combined, this is where that fruity marzipan combination comes from, creating the blend of flavours and scents that make Blue Gelato stand out from the world of available Cookies descendants.

Blue Gelato Strain Effects

Euphoric, creative, happy, relaxing, and uplifting, it’s like a list of all the best ways for a human to feel, and Blue Gelato makes you feel them all at once! Expect just the best sensations as a result of this cannabis strain, starting with giggly euphoria, moving on to cerebral creativity, and finishing up with a full-body and mind relaxation that has you ready for bed. Pure satisfaction.

A perfect evening strain, with each step of your evening, whether in company or alone, perfectly accompanied by the various stages of this blissful buzz, the high Blue Gelato THC level (around 20%) ensures fast-acting and long-lasting effects, but they’ll never feel like too much!

Blue Gelato Strain Medical Benefits

The combination of happy and relaxed feelings mentioned above makes it no surprise that the most reported Blue Gelato medical benefits are relieving anxiety and stress. Whether caused by the day’s events or as symptoms of other conditions, these potentially debilitating issues can be potentially alleviated by Blue Gelato.

These Blue Gelato medical seeds can also assist in lessening the symptoms of short and long-term insomnia. Not only does this marijuana strain create feelings of sleepiness, but it also relaxes body and mind, which may help with the necessary switching off of intrusive thoughts that can obstruct sleep and lead to a dream-filled night.

How to Grow Blue Gelato Strain Seeds

Despite leaning pretty hard towards the indica, there are some sativa growing traits to these feminized seeds, namely the height these plants can grow, reaching up to 2 metres in some cases, with enough branching for regular trimming and pruning to be necessary. Beyond that, these are easy growing cannabis seeds, with the Blue Gelato growing time taking around 9 weeks from germination for indoor growers.

Outdoor growers are recommended to use a greenhouse if one is available, as growing Blue Gelato seeds outside in the elements can be a challenge. The outdoor harvest time should be around mid-October, with an exceptional yield of crystal-coated buds. Perfect for resin extraction, these Blue Gelato feminised marijuana seeds have purple hues, but it’s hard to see them under the thick covering of trichomes!