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Face-Off x Girl Scout Cookies

by Archive Seeds

Do-Si-Dos is a wonderfully soothing indica leaning bud that combines the body-melting effects of Face Off OG and rich aromatics similar to its legendary parent, Girl Scout Cookies.

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Do-Si-Dos Strain Genetics

With vibrant coloured leaves and glittering trichomes, Do-Si-Dos by Archive Seeds was created with a cross of Face Off OG bx1 and OGKB Girl Scout Cookies genetics and proves it’s just as visually appealing as it is succulent.

The true reward is found within its potency, clocking in between 25% and a whopping 28% THC. That said, even the most experienced cannabis consumers should beware when toking this bud.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Effects

Those who smoke Do Si Dos can expect the potential for an increase in cerebral function that gives way to uplifting euphoria. On the body, indica genetics provide an intense deep relaxation followed by a heavy bout of sedation.

Do Si Dos is an excellent evening or nighttime strain. Just be sure to have plenty of your favourite snacks on hand and have a couple of your favourite shows queued up because you aren’t going anywhere tonight.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Terpene Profile

Steeped in Girl Scout Cookies genetics, you know that Do-Si-Dos is going to be delicious. Flavours of sweet mint hit you right off the bat and mix with notes of pine and a slight floral funkiness that feels pleasantly smooth upon exhale.

In terms of aroma, while not as sweet as its moniker, the smell is still alluring with an earthy, herbal Kush scent, and nutty, soil-like undertones.

Medical Benefits Do-Si-Dos Strain

Ongoing cannabis research continues to highlight the potential medical benefits of strains like Do-Si-Dos. While medical cannabis is often associated with CBD, the medical potential of THC has also recently been noted.

Do-Si-Dos’s marijuana strain very high THC content provides an initial uplifting and euphoric high that could be beneficial for (experienced) medicinal cannabis consumers suffering from stress and depression.

Euphoria is then followed by deep relaxing and sedative physical effects which may help with general aches and pains, and insomnia.

How to Grow Do-Si-Dos Seeds

Cultivators will find that Do-si-dos is a low maintenance plant, and does well out- and indoors. Although, successful indoor cultivation may require investing in extra air control measures.

Fairly distinct in colour and looks, Do Si Dos has greenish-purple, small, dense buds covered in icy white trichomes, which accounts for their psychoactivity.

Like many indica varieties, this strain will not grow incredibly tall, but will still provide an average-to-high yield at harvest time which typically happens around 8-10 weeks.