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Skunk Tangerine x Do-Si-Dos

by Archive Seeds

Citrus Rush cannabis seeds are a potent puncher from the Archive Seed bank, boasting a startling high THC level and a weighty kick, punctuated by a relaxing, cerebral buzz. As the name suggests, this indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain (available as regular seeds) offers rapid effects and delightfully fruity flavours.

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Citrus Rush Strain Genetics

Citrus Rush by Archive Seeds is a cannabis seed that undoubtedly comes from good stock, with a mix of skunk strains, cookies strains and kush strains in its impressive genetic background. The genetics of this high THC level strain see Skunk Tangerine crossed with the Do-Si-Dos strain.

While both of these favourites at our seeds bank are known for being high in THC and potent as a result, Citrus Rush takes that power to a whole new level, overtaking its parents with a THC level that can go well over 25%. As indica-leaning regular seeds, compact plants and dense buds come down the family tree too, making Citrus Rush an easy to grow cannabis seed with a fast flowering time.

Citrus Rush Strain Terpene Profile

Both Skunk Tangerine and Do-Si-Dos contain terpenes that are pretty easy to distinguish thanks to their intense flavours and aromas, but again, Citrus Rush takes this to a whole new level. The pungent, sweet yet sour citrus freshness to both taste and scent here make the limonene dominance in the terpene profile very clear. This terpene, present in citrus fruit rinds, is responsible for most of Citrus Rush´s intense flavour.

It isn’t all fruity here though, there’s a skunky, herbal edge under the smell of Citrus Rush, and that comes from classic terpene myrcene, ensuring a balance of flavours and scents, tuning down the sour lemon aroma a little, and creating a more earthy undertone to this Archive seeds company strain.

Citrus Rush Strain Effects

The buzz from Citrus Rush comes in two stages. The first, a fast-acting euphoric sensation delivers a short, sharp dose of stimulation for the mind, before the effects evolve into a full-body feeling of relaxation.

This combination makes Citrus Rush an excellent cannabis strain for either the evening or a lazy afternoon, with this Archive Seeds co favourite stimulating conversation before gradually preparing the body, and ultimately the mind for a long and deep sleep.

Citrus Rush Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana potential of this regular cannabis seed comes heavily from the high THC level, which binds to cannabinoid receptors, and can aid in falling (and staying) asleep, giving Citrus Rush the potential ability to help those living with insomnia.

Combined with limonene (the effects of which may be enhanced thanks to the presence of regulatory terpene myrcene) THC gives medical seeds potential for this Archive Seeds strain to provide relief for the symptoms of anxiety and stress, relaxing the mind and softening the effects related to these conditions.

How to Grow Citrus Rush Strain Seeds

Within about ten weeks of planting these regular seeds, indoor growers can expect a high yield of around 300g per m2, with very little work necessary during this brief flowering time. These easy to grow cannabis seeds grow short and compact, meaning pruning shouldn’t be required all that often, and occasional watering and light changes will be enough to ensure dense and crystal-coated buds.

Carbon filters are recommended for indoor growers as the herby, dominant citrus aromas can take over your grow room quickly, and a while before this marijuana seed is ready. The shiny, trichome covered buds will let you know when it’s time to harvest, and once ready, these Citrus Rush buds will provide a hearty buzz that lasts a pleasingly long time.