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Double Gum x Blue Dream

by Amsterdam Genetics

Who’s got a sweet tooth and loves cannabis? Roll up for some Double Blue from Amsterdam Genetics then – this one has full-bodied berry flavor that’s straight from its fruity heritage. It’s nice and potent with 20% THC, a CBD content of 0.5%.

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Double Blue Strain Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics introduced Double Gum and Blue Dream and they found they like each other, a lot. Double Blue, combines the heavy, stoned sensation of the popular Blue Dream but when partnered in this way it becomes much sweeter. The Mexican sativa genetics for Blue Dream even give Double Blue a bit of a sativa kick in the background.

Double Blue Strain Effects

Double Blue has a very sedative effect that brings an all-round body stoned suited for the relaxing on the couch. Despite this heaviness, some sativa qualities are still noticeable, allowing the mind to wander and creativity to flow. Depending on the level of your cannabis tolerance, Double Blue can still suit social situations. 

Double Blue Strain Terpene Profile

Look at its terpene background and you’ll see why this is a mouthful of Blueberry flavoured bubble gum. It has an incredibly sweet taste but maintains a little spicy, citrusy scent which it gets from the underlying sativa genetics. A taste sensation.

Medical Benefits Double Blue Strain

If you want to unwind this Double Blue can help; whether you have depression, are stressed out or are sore from a long day at work, she has something to offer. Double Blue is also a good strain for relieving physical pain or putting insomnia to bed.

How to Grow Double Blue Seeds

Double Blue can remain on the shorter side but can produce remarkably large yields per plant. That said, with the right conditions outside grows may still easily reach 2 meters or so. It should flower relatively easily and reach harvest within 70 days.