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How does Cannabis improve your sex life?

So, cannabis is great for our sex lives… is it? Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac far back in history, in cultures as diverse as the ancient Hindus, and the Vikings. Anecdotally, cannabis enthusiasts will tell you that sex with mary-jane can be out of this world. Others may infer you´re more likely to fall asleep than get it on. We took a closer look at both the myth and the magic of combining cannabis and sex.

How cannabis can improve sex for women

Much anecdotal evidence points towards cannabis’ usefulness for increasing intimacy, sensitivity (both emotional and physical), intensifying orgasm, and improving libido. For women in particular, reducing anxiety or pain, and increasing comfort during sex, appear to be two major plusses among self-reporting consumers of pre-coital cannabis.

A report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2014, coming out of St. Louis University, appears to offer some basis for these anecdotes. Their researchers analysed feedback from two different groups of women about cannabis use and sex. Of the roughly 30% self-reporting consumers of the herb, over two-thirds said it improved their sexual pleasure; with a large number of that group saying this happened reliably with cannabis consumption.

In contrast some of the researchers respondents did report that cannabis had a negative impact on their sexual experiences (16% in the first study and 3% in the second), which parallels regular cannabis consumers anecdotes suggesting personality, mood and which strain they consumed also have an influence on whether you find yourself geared up for sex or not.

How cannabis can improve sex for men

The famous Harvard cannabis researcher, Lester Grinspoon, for whom that delicious sativa was named, commented in interviews that the suggestion of cannabis increasing libido and sexual pleasure was born out by his extensive knowledge of the plant and those who use it.

A more systemized look at this was undertaken in a large American study from Stanford researchers, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2017. It analyzed data from reproductive age adults over a 13 year period and concluded that cannabis users had sex significantly more often when compared to non-cannabis lovers. The report also mentions that cannabis does not appear to impede sexual function among men and that the conclusions applied to all demographics.

The Millennial Sex Survey in 2015 (conducted by the Skyn condom brand) also showed increased sexual frequency among self-identified daily cannabis consumers. However, 59% of respondents in that category also said they were ‘amazing in bed’, so perhaps more detailed research into whether cannabis improves or inflates sexual confidence is needed! On the downside, the survey results also indicated daily tokers were also more likely to have one night stands, have more sexual partners and not use condoms.

A toke for two? Choose the same cannabis strain and dosage

Both partners being comfortable with consuming cannabis is surely a given for better herb-strengthened intimacy, and logically, using the same strain and being equally high should help too. Do keep an eye on THC levels to make sure you pick a strain that suits you, aim for a good mix of head- and body effects to avoid one overtaking the other, and taking a toke from a joint or vaporizer over opting for edibles may help you best control the dosage.

If you are looking for strains famed for increasing your appetite for sex rather than food, you may want to check out our strain catalog. Topicals such as cannabis infused coconut-oil rubs and the relatively new cannabis lube products from companies like Foria and Omni, are also proving popular among the cannabis-loving community.

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