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Dr. Grinspoon by Barney’s Farm is an heirloom sativa known for its clear and long-lasting philosophical high. This strain has a unique tall and thin structure that is most rewarding for experienced growers.

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Dr Grinspoon Strain Genetics

Bred by Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, Dr Grinspoon is an heirloom sativa and a tribute to the Harvard professor Dr Lester Grinspoon. The classic strain honours the research and advocacy of Dr Grinspoon and his unwavering commitment to cannabis.

Dr Grinspoon Strain Terpene Profile 

Dr Grinspoon has an earthy lemon aroma blended with a honey sweetness. The taste is similar with an added zesty, tropical edge. This strain is a delight for sativa enthusiasts who enjoy fruity strains with tangy lemon bursts and muskier flavours. 

Dr Grinspoon Strain Effects

Dr Grinspoon has a very high THC level of around 25%. Its cerebral high is for the deep-thinking creative types, motivating energy and inspiring ideas. Perfect for experienced cannaisseurs who want a clear and focused high throughout the day while staying productive. Those with a lower tolerance should enjoy this strong strain in moderation.

Medical Benefits Dr Grinspoon Strain

Ongoing cannabis research and trials continue to highlight the potential medical uses of cannabis. While a lot of focus has been placed on CBD strains, high THC strains are now also thought to have therapeutic effects. Dr Grinspoon’s high THC content may help relieve pain and stimulate the appetite. Its uplifting and energising effects may also help those struggling with fatigue

How to Grow Dr Grinspoon Seeds

Dr Grinspoon will grow carelessly tall with fragile stems which will fill out with small, compact glazed buds. This strain is not recommended for inexperienced growers as it can be quite tricky to perfect.

Appearing somewhat like berries growing on twigs, this heirloom strain shows how far sativa genetics have evolved in recent decades. Those who master the challenge can expect an abundance of dense popcorn-sized buds after 12-14 weeks.