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Snow Ryder is a Sensi Seeds exclusive strain that only comes in the auto-flowering variant. This indica dominant hybrid grows much taller than its indica counterparts.

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Snow Ryder Genetics

Very little is known about the genetic heritage of this particular Sensi Seed exclusive strain. One thing that is known– Snow Ryder is a 75% indica-dominant.

Snow Ryder Effects

Just like its flavour, Snow Ryder’s effects are in typical indica fashion. Your muscles loosen up and your nerves relax and your mind ebbs into a blissful state of euphoric calm and drowsiness sets in.

Terpene Profile Snow Ryder

Snow Ryder has a sweet-spicy, earthy-citrus flavour to it, in line with what you would expect from an indica dominant hybrid.  

Medical Benefits Snow Ryder

Like most indicas, Snow Ryder calming effects can be very helpful for relaxing muscles, relieving mild pain and reducing stress. Meanwhile, it’s high THC content and relatively low CBD level may make it a suitable strain for those looking to stimulate appetite.

How To Grow Snow Ryder

Snow Ryder will automatically begin to flower when it has reached its 6th or 9th leaf node. This usually happens within 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the growing conditions. Snow Ryder grows taller than most indicas, generally between 90 – 120cm. Outdoors, Snow Ryder is best planted in early Spring and harvested in September. Whether it’s cultivated in or outdoors, its dense buds will be covered in a thick, frosty white layer of sticky resin.