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Afghani #1 x Hindu Kush x Skunk #1 x Purple Kush

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Purple Bud is a delightful indica-dominant strain with a distinct deep purple hue. This strain produces large yields and is easy to grow, even for the less experienced grower.  

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Purple Bud Genetics

Sensi Seeds combined an Afghani indica with Hindu Kush, a Skunk #1, Purple Kush and a Jamaican sativa to create a very well balanced indica dominant hybrid strain with an average THC level of 18%.   

Purple Bud Terpene Profile

Purple Bud has that typical Kush flavour reminiscent of pine forest soil, a tell-tale indication to the presence of pinene. What sets it apart from its ancestors is a sweet, berry undertone with a whiff of sandalwood.   

Purple Bud Effects

Even though Purple Bud has a sativa component in its genetics that provides a little pick-me-up, its overall effect is very much like a pure indica. Expect a heavy body-stoned sensation that relaxes the body but tends to fog the mind.  

Medical Benefits Purple Bud

Due to the predominantly indica genetics, Purple Bud could be a good choice if you are struggling with insomnia, aches and pains, stress or depression.

How to Grow Purple Bud

Available as both feminised seeds and autoflowering, This strain is a very forgiving one to cultivate, especially indoors or in colder climates. It hardly needs any extra care and rewards your minimal efforts with thick, dense, purple buds, hence the name. Even the greenest newbie will harvest a high yield of almost lavender-like flowers, in under +/- 9 weeks. Keep in mind, however, that due to its sativa element, Purple Bud tends to grow slightly taller than most other indica phenotypes.