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by Vision Seeds

Vision Seeds have taken typical characteristics from some of the most sought-after indica dominant super strains to create something truly fresh and unique. The smooth, syrupy taste and sweet floral aromas of Caramel Monster will have you feeling this cannabis strain’s potent psychoactive effects almost instantaneously.

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Caramel Monster Strain Genetics

Developed by the alchemists at Vision seeds, Caramel Monster is a potent indica dominant plant derived from the lavender family. 

These delicious seeds possess many of the usual characteristics you’d expect from a classic indica plant – with these cannabis seeds producing dense greens buds, growing to an average height. 

Yet, its high THC content (around 20%) puts Caramel Monster amongst the super strains. 

Caramel Monster Strain Terpene Profile

Due to having some sweet-smelling ancestors in the lavender family, thanks to the guys at Vision Seeds, Caramel Monster has inherited those signature sweet floral aromas, peppered with accents of spicy fruit.

Due to a complex terpene profile, it’s difficult to pin down precisely what Caramel Monster consists of. However, those with a keen nose will be able to identify the undeniable presence of linalool, present in a plethora of different flowers and spice plants.

Linalool in itself is packed with a raft of health benefits, carrying anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties.

Any cannabis strain liaising with the lavender family is going to help aid conditions such as insomnia due to its sedative nature. Linalool is also a critical component in the production of vitamin E.

Caramel Monster Strain Effects

Feel your body relax as you are flooded with a sense of calm. If you had anything playing on your mind previously, consider it gone and allow Caramel Monster to help make room for more productive thoughts.

if you’re mindful of your dosage when consuming, you will maintain control. However, if you want the couch to consume you, let those indica dominant genetics take hold and let the relaxing effect take hold. 

If you need a creativity run, tread lightly and allow these cannabis seeds potent levels of THC to focus your mind and help you find your flow.

Medical Benefits Caramel Monster Strain

Unsurprising from a cannabis strain derived from the lavender family. The therapeutic benefits are abundant, not just for the mind but for the body too.

Caramel Monster pairs mental relaxation with a spike in dopamine levels, helping you achieve the perfect state of mind for some serious chill-out time, or that creativity run if you can fight back the fatigue. 

We’re dealing with high THC levels here, so this indica dominant cannabis strain from Vision Seeds is probably still best reserved for evening or night time use.

As you feel your muscles relax, any pain you might have been experiencing will suddenly become less noticeable, with these cannabis seeds helping remove proverbial thorns from the sides of many consumers.

For strain hunters struggling with their appetite, Caramel Monster will provide a major case of the so-called munchies, with these delicious seeds helping to dissipate symptoms like nausea and reduced appetite.

How to Grow Caramel Monster Seeds

Luckily for novice growers, Caramel Monster isn’t too fussy and can be grown indoors or outdoors, rising to an average height.

Buds explode into a dense garden of green, sprouting vivid orange hairs that protrude like fireworks.

Dank genetics afford this cannabis strain a beautiful layer of resin too, surrounding buds much like a layer of silvery smoke. 

These feminised cannabis seeds will need about 8-9 weeks flowering time if growing indoors, yielding about 500 g per m2.

If you’ve chosen to take things outside, a yield of approximately 600 g per m2 can be expected.