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Sour Diesel IBL x Headbanger

by The Plug Seedbank

One of the most sought-after cannabis strains today, and the latest conscript to The Plug Seedbank’s top-tier cannabis crew, El Chapo is a UK original sour diesel cross with a pungent taste strongarmed effects.

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El Chapo Genetic Profile

They may be named after a Mexican drug lord, but El Chapo cannabis seeds are North London through and through. Born in 1995 and initially known in the Sour circle as ‘pheno #1. Since then, she has come a long way.

Following extensive pheno selections, now this elite gas and sour combo combine a Sour Diesel IBL (ECSD) female from Rezdogs 2005 release with DNA from the multi-award-winning Headbanger by Karma Genetics. Created through a partnership between Sour Genetics and The Plug BCN, this incomparable combination is delicious as it is deadly.

El Chapo lineage has resulted in a photoperiod plant that’s the perfect blend of Sour and Biker Kush but also forgiving on novice growers. Boasting both indica-dominant and sativa genetics and a potent THC content, it’s also a phenotype that doesn’t mess around in the psychoactive department. So if you want to play with the big boys and take your marijuana garden to the next level, why not try this kingpin cannabis strain on for size?

El Chapo Terpene Profile

For lip-smacking, tongue-tingling sensations and a scent that will make your eyes water, this powerfully pungent strain has got the goods. El Chapo aroma is an acerbic mix of sour sorbet, skunk, pine, and funky diesel, with a taste that’s strong and lingering. Odour control is a must when growing this OG Kush descendent as it can easily stink out a smaller growhouse. About as loud as they come, if you like your marijuana with a lot of tang, this plant really means business.

El Chapo’s abundant terpenes are caryophyllene and limonene, and it’s predominantly this aromatic partnership that helps provide its super sour flavour and pungent petrol notes. These two terps also help to call the shots when it comes to the strain’s psychoactive profile and intense relaxing effects.

El Chapo Strain Effects

El Chapo’s effects won’t lead you towards a life of crime, but they may leave you feeling like the kingpin of your own personal empire of peace and tranquillity. Indica-dominant and heavy-hitting, expect a blast of euphoric energy followed by strongarmed sedative effects that are ideal if you’re looking for a temporary reprieve from your daily troubles.

The Plug hasn’t revealed El Chapo THC content, but it’s likely to fall somewhere between 19 and 23%. Although suitable for moderate users, it’s mainly recommended for serious consumers looking for medical-grade stress relief and tasty terp-rich satisfaction.

El Chapo Medical Benefits

El Chapo medical benefits mostly revolve around its relaxing influence. Patients with chronic stress and anxiety-based disorders will find its calming, worry-free effects provide a powerful counterbalance to those of their condition. In addition, Caryophyllene and high THC levels work together to amplify the strain’s efficacy via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.
If you’re hoping for sweet dreams but instead find yourself lying awake for hours at night, cannabis grown from El Chapo medical seeds may be an excellent solution for breeders in the short term.

The sedative effects of marijuana strains like this Sour Diesel IBL x Headbanger hybrid can help to reset disrupted circadian rhythms and, if not abused, can lead to a healthier sleep routine in patients with insomnia. Contrary to this, nightly cannabis use may result in a poor quality night’s sleep.

How to Grow El Chapo Strain

Growing El Chapo cannabis seeds indoors will likely result in a higher yield and quality unless you live in a temperate or warm outdoor climate. Featuring both indica and sativa genetics, but with a predominantly indica-dominant growth pattern, its name may mean ‘shorty’ in Spanish, but this plant grows to a medium-tall height and thus will benefit from pruning and yield boosting techniques like LST and lollipopping. It also has an extremely pungent odour that will almost certainly require management during its flowering period, which may arrive faster than you might expect.

Get those pruning shears and carbon filters at the ready because when reared carefully using a scheduled light-feed programme, El Chapo flowering time can range from anything from nine-ten weeks from germination, which isn’t as fast as an autoflowering strain but is relatively swift for a feminized plant.

This sticky THC-rich strain is highly recommended for resin connoisseurs, as its crystal-coated trichomes, strong flavour, and powerful effects pair perfectly when extracted in concentrated form. El Chapo yields are also impressive, as one would expect from a strain named after one of the most prolific drug traffickers of the last few decades.