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El Chapo x Banana OG

by The Plug Seedbank

An inviting hybrid stain with an almost ripe nutty flavour,  Banana Loaf from The Plug Seedbank offers a winning combination of great flavours and suitably impressive THC levels.

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Banana Loaf Genetic Profile

Banana Loaf from The Plug Seedbank is a sativa-leaning hybrid with a sweet and ripe banana aroma. It’s created by a crossing of El Chapo (Sour Diesel x Headbanger) with Banana OG (Banana Kush x OG Kush) – all favoured strains among cannabis connoisseurs.

Taking various favourable characteristics from its ancestry, Banana Loaf offers a high THC content and an above-average yield. With Barcelona’s The Plug BCN cafe behind this seedbank, users can be assured of a wealth of knowledge behind their strains. Expect a plentiful grow and a plant that offers a potent cannabis experience and a host of great flavours and aromas.

Banana Loaf Terpene Profile

Exuding an irresistible scent of lush ripened bananas coupled with other tropical fruit layers, Banana Loaf also offers smatterings of earthy textures. There’s also a woody spiciness as well as hops and a familiar kush undertone, thanks to its OG lineage.

This Kushy texture is also due to the presence of caryophyllene, which adds notes of sweet spiciness, and is also found in cinnamon and basil. Limonene is also one of the more dominant terpenes, giving Banana Loaf a characteristic tropical fruit quality. Smaller amounts of myrcene and Pinene give this strain additional hops and fresh pine fragrances, all amounting to a unique aroma familiar to sweet and earthy banana bread.

Banana Loaf Strain Effects

As a sativa-leaning hybrid, Banana Loaf is known to provide cerebral and euphoric effects, as well as a creeping body sensation from the indica side. Users will also experience advancing tranquil effects along with a stimulated appetite, with Banana Loaf bringing on feelings of being ‘well-baked’.

With high THC levels upwards of 20%, Banana Loaf is suitable for seasoned connoisseurs looking for a strong potency. Its hybrid nature makes it more or less suitable for general use, allowing both daily productivity and nightly relaxation. However, its suggested high consumption can lead to more sedating effects in part due to its formidable THC content.

Banana Loaf Medical Benefits

As an almost balanced hybrid, Banana Loaf offers a wide range of different effects and advantages from both its sativa and indica plant types. Its sativa-leaning nature can relieve stresses and anxieties and help with creativity and productivity. Indica properties can help with relaxation as well as alleviating insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Not just responsible for flavours, terpenes also provide a range of added effects. In particular, limonene has been shown to help with coronary health and assist in regulating cholesterol levels. While high levels of caryophyllene contribute to pain relief as well as binding with the body’s cannabidiol receptors, offering enhanced effects.

How to Grow Banana Loaf Strain

Banana Loaf seeds are relatively easy to grow and are at home either indoors or outside. They bloom into medium-sized plants with emerald green, purple, and orange complexions, developing with compact buds as well as trichomes frosted with THC crystals. Dense layers of resin form as it matures, making this an ideal strain for collectors and extraction maestros.

Indoor growers can expect a flowering time of around 60 days, with an average yield upwards of 400g per m2. Its dense banana aroma forms as it matures, so carbon filters are advised for indoor cultivators looking to eliminate strong fragrances. Grown outdoors, Banana Loaf feminized seeds are suited to warm weather and a temperate climate and are best planted in time for a late September harvest. With optimal conditions, outdoor growers can look forward to an average yield of 450g per plant.