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Killing Garberville x Seattle Big Bud x Mendicino Hash Plant

by T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds used a combination of heavy-hitters to create this powerful indica hybrid. Heavy Duty Fruity lives up to its name by leaving you couch-locked and very stoned. Growers love this strain because of her high yields, but some experience is needed to ensure optimal results.

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Heavy Duty Fruity Strain Genetics

Heavy Duty Fruity is the offspring of Killing Garberville x Seattle Big Bud x Mendicino Hash Plant. This trinity culminates in a super-strong indica hybrid with the ability to uplift and invigorate with her euphoric high.

Heavy Duty Fruity Strain Terpene Profile

As her name indicates, Heavy Duty Fruity is a sweet and citrusy strain with elements of pine and blueberry. After taking a few tokes, you may even notice a peppery feeling on your lips that leaves a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

Heavy Duty Fruity Strain Effects

This strain doesn’t play around. Heavy Duty Fruity can contain high THC levels that will leave you mentally buzzed. Her cerebral effects quickly give way to a typical indica body-stone that will leave you tingly and relaxed. Make sure to enjoy Heavy Duty Fruity when you have the day or night off and can spend some serious time chilling.

Medical Benefits Heavy Duty Fruity Strain

The extremely potent indica traits of Heavy Duty Fruity can have numerous potential benefits for medical users. As the effects of this strain ware off, you’ll start to feel sleepy and physically relaxed, making her a good option for potentially warding off insomnia. Her euphoric effects may also help alleviate the effects of mental states such as stress or
depression by banishing negativity.

How to Grow Heavy Duty Fruity Strain

Heavy Duty Fruity can thrive in either an indoor or outdoor environment. Don’t try to grow this strain outdoors if you’re trying to remain discreet because her scent will certainly give her away. If growing indoors, use a hydroponic method as it has been proven to accelerate her growth and increase her yield. Also, splurge for a quality filter because she has a potent scent that will make disguising her presence very difficult. In around 8-9 weeks you’ll see dense, frosty buds that smell like an exotic bonanza when you split them open.