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Afghani #1

by T.H. Seeds

The mysterious origins of Da Purps make her an ideal strain for the adventurous type. Her strength, effects, and flavors are largely dependent on which phenotype you grow, making Da Purps an excellent option for experienced growers looking to blaze a trail.

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Da Purps Genetics

Da Purps is a Californian indica with largely unknown genetics. T.H. Seeds received her mother genetics as a gift from Northern California growers after they had sat around for almost 23 years. They crossed their gift with Afghani genetics and got Da Purps, a mostly indica strain.

Da Purps Effects

As a largely indica strain, Da Purps’ strength should not be underestimated. Make sure to use this strain when you have plenty of time to kick-back and become one with the couch. You’ll feel mentally awake at first but Da Purps’ sedative effects will soon take over, so be ready to stay awhile. On the comedown, you’ll begin to feel hungry and sleepy.

Da Purps Terpene Profile

Strong grape flavors are obvious from the get-go, making Da Purps a very sweet and fruity strain with an earthy undertone. Depending on which phenotypic traits your plant end up expressing, Da Purps could turn out with an entirely different flavor and scent profile. Like a delicious coffee and caramel flavor bouquet.

Medical Benefits Da Purps

As a super strong indica, Da Purps has a wide range of possible medical benefits. Individuals
suffering from insomnia while find the comedown of Da Purps pleasantly sedating and
sleep-inducing. Her strength also contributes to munchies, so those that struggle with
nausea or low-appetite may be able to use Da Purps to increase their appetite.

How to Grow Da Purps

Da Purps can grow to massive heights, so make sure to take this into account when setting up your grow. Use a SOG method if growing indoors but also be aware she’s a strain that thrives outdoors in temperate climates. Be sure to trim and stress train early on to avoid snapped stalks later on in the grow process. Da Purps yield is not as large as some indcas but her rock-hard, purple buds certainly won’t disappoint in flavor or effect.