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Tennessee Hog x Critical Mass

by T.H. Seeds

Wake and bacon with this meaty offering from TH Seeds. Auto Critical Hog is an easy to grow, indica-dominant, autoflowering cannabis strain with super high yields and an impressive THC content to boot.

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Auto Critical Hog Strain Genetics

Auto Critical Hog cannabis seeds combine the award-winning, high-quality genetics of ever-popular Critical Hog (Critical Mass x The Hog) with an unknown ruderalis to add that autoflower goodness for even easier growing traits.

Boasting a Cannabis Cup winners lineage ensures a high THC level of 15-20%, as well as large nugs providing a sensational fruity and sweet flavour profile and a happy, uplifting buzz that is reminiscent of the Afghani and Skunk strains high up in the family tree.

Auto Critical Hog Strain Terpene Profile

The main Auto Critical Hog dominant terpenes are the reason for the detailed tastes and aromas that make this strain so tempting and so recognisable. The sweet, tangy, and fruity tingles on the inhale come from a combination of limonene and caryophyllene.

The most abundant terpene is myrcene, which gives that pungent, Kush-like, herbal scent on exhale, while a refreshing touch of the forest comes from the presence of pinene in the background of the terpene profile. All combined, it’s zesty, tropical, hearty, and bubblegum sweet, creating a delightful experience for the smoker!

Auto Critical Hog Strain Effects

The buzz from this marijuana strain is one that you’ll remember for a long time. The relatively high THC content doesn’t kick too hard, there’s no couch lock here. Instead, you’ll find an energetic, uplifting, borderline euphoria takes over your mind while the body buzz is relaxing without being sedative.

That makes this beauty one of those most elusive of smokes, a suitable daytime strain, able to improve your mood without having too much of an impact on your productivity. It’s especially helpful if your day involves artistic outlets, where the creative energy giving by this marvellous high can work hand in hand with you to create masterpieces!

Auto Critical Hog Strain Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana potential for this cannabis strain is mainly reported to be in the relief of stress and associated symptoms. Whether it’s short-term stress from a bad day, or something longer lasting relating to anxiety or depression, the cannabinoid and terpene profiles could assist in reducing the severity of bouts of stress.

Additionally, those living with regular migraine headaches may find that these possible medical seeds can work with the body to lessen not only the pain from migraines but also the frequency with which they occur and how long these headaches last. The caryophyllene and THC are thought to support the body’s endocannabinoid system in handling pain, while myrcene could act as something of a regulator, enhancing the ability for other terps to help.

How to Grow Auto Critical Hog Strain Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are supposed to be easier to grow than regular seeds, yet you’re still likely to be surprised by what an easy plant this is to grow. Auto Critical Hog seeds have a flowering time of 9 weeks from germination in many cases. Make sure you plant in large pots, as this can lead to huge yields with a max of around 450g/m2 (impressive for an autoflower variety).

Outdoor growers should find the process pretty easy too, but it’s worth being aware that these seeds get thirsty, and they stay thirsty! Lots of water is essential, as is near-continuous sunlight (during the day, obviously), so a greenhouse and manual watering are advised. As long as you keep these marijuana seeds happy, they will grow into short, stocky cannabis plants, covered in dense, lime green buds that wear a coat of trichomes and release a fruity, potent scent that will reach your nostrils from metres away!