Buy Critical Hog seeds Tennessee Hog x Critical Mass

by T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds kept quality in mind when developing Critical Hog. She’s a strain with an extraordinary yield and resilience, a grower’s dream! Unlike most indicas, Critical Hog won’t leave you couch-locked. Her effect is relaxing but clear-headed, perfect after a long day’s work.

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Critical Hog Genetics

T.H. Seeds’ Critical Hog is the offspring of The Tennessee Hog from California and Critical Mass from the Spanish Basque country. Both parents are award-winning indica strains in their own right, and Critical Hog has inherited those winning qualities.

Critical Hog Effects

If you need to unwind, Critical Hog can help. Although she’s an indica, Critical Hog won’t leave you lethargic and unmotivated. Rather, she helps you relax and gather your thoughts without floating off into outer space. She’s an excellent choice in times of high stress.

Critical Hog Terpene Profile

Critical Hog has a citrusy, flowery fragrance with more characteristic earthy indica notes underlying her sweet aroma. The more you smoke, the more you will detect elements of lavender and wood, making Critical Hog an excellent and flavorful choice.

Medical Benefits Critical Hog

Ongoing research has found that in higher doses THC may help with Glaucoma, by reducing pressure in the eye. THC and CBD have also been found to have pain-relieving qualities that are thought to amplify when the cannabinoids work together. This is also known as the Entourage Effect. Meanwhile, CBD on its own is also known for its medicinal uses including its anti-inflammatory properties. Considering this, this high THC, moderate CBD strain may be somewhat useful for relieving pain and inflammation often experienced with joint pain, arthritis, headaches and migraines.

How to Grow Critical Hog

Critical Hog flowers in a short period of time and holds her own against mould and other diseases cannabis plants are prone to. Her yield is generous and growing her is quite low-maintenance, making her an excellent choice for beginners. Critical Hog can be grown indoors or outdoors and won’t grow terribly tall, making her an economizing option for tight grow spaces.