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Banana Cake x Banana OG

by T.H. Seeds

Part of TH Seeds’ Bastards line, a collaboration with Shiloh, Banana Candy Krush is a fruity sensation With high THC levels and yields, and a wonderful, uplifting effect, this sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is not to be missed.

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Banana Candy Krush Strain Genetics

Banana Candy Krush cannabis seeds are the result of two different banana-focused strains. On one side, Banana Cake (Wedding Cake x Banana OG) and on the other, Banana OG (AKA Banana Kush, OG Kush x Banana). As you have probably noticed, that makes Banana OG both a parent and a grandparent of this strain, and it’s no surprise that classic seedbank favourite plays a big part in the genetics!

Expect a potent scent of overripe bananas to dominate here, but the Cali connection in the complex genetics means there’s more going on here as well, including that sweet candy that earns the strain the other part of its name.

Banana Candy Krush Strain Terpene Profile

The most dominant Banana Candy Krush terpene, as one may have guessed from the fruity flavours, is limonene. Present in the rinds of various fruits, limonene is an abundant terpene in many fruit-dominant strains.

You have to go quite a way back for the next terpene, the sweet yet peppery caryophyllene and the herbal, skunk-scented myrcene which doesn’t do much to the flavour but does ensure that old-school classic earthy cannabis scent lingers in the air after exhaling.

Banana Candy Krush Strain Effects

TH Seeds Banana Candy Krush takes after its fruity OG heritage by being something of a creeper. The high THC level (around 25%) ensures a potent buzz here, but it comes in stages. Originally, that Kush-style joyful, euphoric high kicks in, lifting the mood and providing a burst of mental energy.

However, that’s a short-term effect and is gradually replaced by the more dominant takeaway from consumption of this beautiful Banana Cake x Banana OG strain, the overwhelming desire to sit down! A full body and mind sedative sensation will pass over you. Not quite couch-locking, but something pretty close. The perfect after-dinner strain, the effects will take you on quite the journey before helping you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Banana Candy Krush Strain Medical Benefits

One of the main potential medical benefits of this cannabis strain is those living with insomnia. As mentioned above, this is a smoke that leads perfectly into a night of sleep, and those feelings of tiredness, combined with the relief of stresses thanks to the terpenes and cannabinoids, should help with falling (and staying) asleep.

The high limonene content and intense THC levels may also have medical marijuana possibilities to relieve anxiety symptoms. Limonene has a long history of traditional medicine use. THC is thought to bind with the endocannabinoid system, both potentially improving mood and lessening the symptoms of anxiety-related conditions.

How to Grow Banana Candy Krush Strain Seeds

Banana Kandy Kush feminized marijuana seeds (autoflowering seeds no currently available) are perfect for indoor growers, responding well to both SOG and SCROG growing methods. This TH Seeds seed company strain has a fast flowering time – rarely taking more than nine weeks from germination to reach full flower. The trichome covered large central bud is high yielding, giving up to 650g/m2 in the best cases, without taking too much work, shy of a bit of trimming off the top, if the plant gets too leafy.

Outdoor growers are highly suggested to use a greenhouse to ensure the best possible results when growing these feminised seeds. Plants can grow high and wide thanks to sativa-leaning genetics, so be sure you have space. Outside of a greenhouse, rainfall can be a huge downer here, so only consider this if you live in climates as warm and dry as this stunning strain’s California home!