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Purple Punch x Starburst OG

by Symbiotic Genetics

From within the dank interior of Symbiotic Genetics’ seedbank, Purple Starburst is shrouded in hues of brilliant purple and draped in clouds of fruity grape and piney diesel. An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is a beauty to behold and a treat to grow. 

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Purple Starburst Strain Genetics 

Symbiotic Genetics Purple Starburst marijuana seeds boast a seriously excellent lineage. These seeds were born of a cross of Symbiotic’s base indica-heavy Purple Punch phenotype — itself a delightfully juicy and THC-laden beast — and Starburst OG, a sativa-dominant citrus bomb from Alaska. It also boasts forebearers such as OG Kush, Skunk, and Sour Diesel in its family history of heavy-hitting strains. 

As a hybrid, Purple Starburst cannabis strain combines its lineage’s deliciousness into a juicy explosion of diesely grape, sweet citrus, and blue gummy candies within a medicinal powerhouse of a strain.

Purple Starburst Strain Terpene Profile

Like its parent strains, Purple Starburst aroma is driven by terpene-heavy buds, pungent with sweet fruit candy and chemical-heavy pine, with similar flavours of grape and earthy diesel. 

These aromas arise from Purple Starburst’s dominant terpenes, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene. The lovely blend of Myrcene and Caryophyllene produce the intoxicatingly sticky grape candy flavours. At the same time, Pinene graces each inhalation with sweet and oily flavours of pine and diesel. These same terpenes also lead to the strain’s potent effects on both body and mind.

Purple Starburst Strain Effects 

Symbiotic Genetics Purple Starburst seeds deliver a potent hybrid strain that showcases its lineage’s best effects, specifically full-body relaxation with an uplifted, almost euphoric mental rush. And, as Purple Starburst THC level is estimated to push 20%, expect an overall relaxing effect upon consuming.

Along with the THC, Myrcene is responsible for the strain’s full-bodied relaxing effects, while Pinene counters with a heady mental buzz that will leave your mind active while your body heals. CBD levels are low, but users will still find relief from chronic pain through potent terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Because of these terpenes, feel free to enjoy this strain at any time of the day. The mental boost will keep you active and your body relaxed during a workout, or you can flip your schedule and spend a relaxing evening engaged in your favourite movie.  

Purple Starburst Strain Medical Benefits

Purple Starburst medical seeds boast dynamic medical benefits for a variety of needs. Its indica-dominant traits and hefty THC content provide ample body healing and pain relief, while its sativa lineage and zippy Pinene create a focused, mental euphoria that will dissolve anxiety and clear your head.

Additionally, this Purple Starburst cannabis strain boasts a sizeable Caryophyllene content. A unique terpene, Caryophyllene, relieves stress and anxiety and acts as a cannabinoid itself as it binds with endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body to promote anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. 

How to Grow Purple Starburst Strain 

Information for growing Symbiotic Genetics Purple Starburst cannabis seeds is limited, but its parent strains are easy to grow indoors and outdoors. Purple Starburst flowering time is roughly 8-10 weeks after germination, with plants reaching a moderate height by harvest time. 

The Purple Starburst marijuana strain yields are moderate to high, and the plants are relatively easy to grow and care for, even for first time growers,  as long as growers ensure proper airflow around the dense buds to avoid mould. 

Growing Purple Starburst seeds is a treat, as the resulting nugs and leaves feature a rich, violet hue. Long, frosty trichomes cover each terpene-rich bud, and a haze of sticky grape and earthy diesel saturate the air around each plant.