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Do-Si-Dos x Banana OG

by Symbiotic Genetics

Banana Macaroon is a potent, high THC creation from the folks over at Symbiotic Genetics. This indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is a welcome addition to the storied Banana lineage.

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Banana Macaroon Strain Genetics

These Banana Macaroon cannabis seeds are the result of the merging of two pungent marijuana strains which are top-shelf favourites in seed banks around the world, Do-Si-Dos (OGKB x Face Off OG) and Banana Punch (Banana OG x Purple Punch).

The blend of Banana and OG Kush California genetics dominant in the heritage ensures a pleasing buzz and a blend of fantastic flavours that is, unsurprisingly, headlined by the fruity smoothness of ripe bananas, joined by a complex matrix of aromas and tastes.

Banana Macaroon Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of this high THC beauty will be familiar to lovers of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush strains. One of the dominant terpenes here is limonene, the fruitiest of all the terps and the cause of the most notable tastes on both inhale and exhale.

Also present is caryophyllene, which adds a peppery tingle on the tonsils during the inhale, and myrcene, which fills the room with a classic skunk scent on exhale. The terp mix blends flavours of banana and pineapple with spicier tones for an intriguing experience for the senses and one you’ll want to revisit again and again!

Banana Macaroon Strain Effects

The high THC level (20% plus) may lead to the fair assumption that Banana Macaroon would be something of a couch-locking strain, but that is not the case at all here. Yes, the potent buzz will make sitting down feel like a good idea, but the high is far more cerebral, even energetic, for the mind at least, promoting creativity and engaging conversation.

The body buzz is more relaxing than sedating, softening tension in the joints and muscles and allowing for the ultimate feeling of chill to pass through you. A perfect choice for the early evening, with a long-lasting buzz that will carry you all the way to bedtime!

Banana Macaroon Strain Medical Benefits

One big advantage of Banana Macaroon when it comes to medical marijuana percentage is the possibility of an increase in appetite. Going beyond the munchies, this hybrid strain may work with the body to increase hunger, particularly useful for those dealing with a loss of appetite (after an operation, for example).

Additionally, the blend of THC and terpenes found in this cannabis strain may have the ability to soften the symptoms of anxiety-related disorders by working with the endocannabinoid system, consumers may experience a lift in mood and a reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety.

How to Grow Banana Macaroon Strain Seeds

These feminised seeds are fairly easy to grow, especially for indoor growers who should see a flowering time of around nine weeks, sometimes a little less, occasionally slightly more. SOG and SCROG growing methods should both work nicely here.

Outdoor growing is possible but challenging. Warm, dry climates are recommended, and even then, a greenhouse is advisable, but if you can grow indoors, we’d recommend doing that. The results will be impressive, a high yield of lime green buds contrasting beautifully with the dark leaves of this cannabis plant. 

When your Symbiotic Genetics Banana Macaroon marijuana seeds are ready to go, the scent won’t be as strong as you expect, but crack these trichome covered nugs open, and the scent of fruit and spice will become wonderfully pungent!