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Somango x Lavender #1

by Soma Seeds

A fruity, heavy-hitting strain from Soma Seeds, Somango Pineapple feminized seeds provide a relatively easy to grow plant that rewards growers with dense, potent buds. Saturated with terpenes and dripping with an earthy mango haze, Somango Pineapple is an Indica-dominant strain that will wrap your entire body in calm and comfort.

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Somango Pineapple Strain Genetics 

Born from the indica-dominant marriage of Soma’s Somango and Lavender #1 strains, Somango Pineapple marijuana seeds feature a rich and storied genetic history. Somango Pineapple’s lineage includes classic strains such as Afghani and Jack Herer, with tantalizing and powerful contributions from Big Skunk Korean and Super Skunk strains. 

Somango, an Indica-heavy strain, provides the rich and fruity aromas so potently found within the dense buds, along with the pleasing shades of purple that will fill into the plants as they age.

Lavender #1 contributes an even greater presence of purple shades, as well as the deeply sedating calm gained when enjoying Somango Pineapple, owing mainly to its original indica-potent Afghani origins. 

Somango Pineapple Strain Terpene Profile

As the name suggests, Somango Pineapple’s aroma is rich in tropical fruit with a sweet, earthy twist. Aromas of sweet mango and faint pineapple radiate off each bud, due mainly to a high myrcene level in this terpene-rich strain.

Myrcene, one of the more common terpenes found in cannabis, is Somango Pineapple’s dominant terpene, but the accompanying fruity citrus and pineapple notes are contributed by limonene, a sweet and citrus-heavy terpene also found in the oils of citrus peels. Smoking will reveal additional tropical mango and hints of banana with each exhalation.

Somango Pineapple Strain Effects 

Soma Seeds Somango Pineapple’s THC levels clock in at nearly 20%, providing an indica-driven, full-body high that helps to keep you glued to the couch in a state of relaxation. The aforementioned myrcene lends strength to the couch lock while also contributing a sense of peace and contentment. This makes it particularly nifty for bedtime usage or simply relaxing on the couch with your favourite jams in the background.

Should you pry yourself up from beneath Somango Pineapple’s comfortable heft, you may find yourself growing ever more hungry with each passing moment. But, successive doses will continue the sedating effects and lead to a peaceful rest. The low-sativa genetic history focuses all of this strain’s potency on the body, and in combination with the high THC, sleep will come easy. 

Somango Pineapple Strain Medical Benefits

With such a potent blend of THC and Myrcene, Somango Pineapple medical cannabis seeds provide a list of soothing effects, most notably pain relief throughout the body, with headaches and muscle spams abating beneath the soothing blend of THC and terpenes

Additionally, this strain is well suited as a medical marijuana choice for stress relief through its sedating terpene profile, countering any negative anxiety brought about by the higher THC content and acting as a sleep aid due to its high myrcene levels. 

How to Grow Somango Pineapple Strain 

Somango Pineapple feminised cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate into productive plants, as the strain grows well both indoors and in natural, outdoor growing setups. The plants only reach a medium height with plenty of bushing and stay fairly small overall, which is well suited to a SOG (sea of green) growing method. 

With strong feeds and nutrient supplements to ensure healthy, fertile plants, Somango Pineapple flowering time averages between 8-10 weeks from germination. These are photoperiod seeds, so indoor growers will have to adjust their light levels accordingly to begin flowering.

The lavender-coloured buds grow dense and heavy with thick, frosty trichomes, presenting aromas of earthy mango and citrus. Growing Soma Seeds Somango Pineapple cannabis seeds will lead to a minimum yield of 50-60g/plant, but even first-time growers should expect more robust results, especially when growing in a controlled, indoor area.