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Afghani #1 x Mexican

by Soma Seeds

From our good friends as Soma Seeds, NYC Diesel is one of the world´s most highly acclaimed hybridised cannabis strains. This delightfully sweet and sour sativa-leaning strain offers an enticing cerebral high and as a multiple cannabis cup winner, has firmly established itself as cannabis royalty amongst marijuana aficionados. 

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NYC Diesel Strain Genetics

Legend has it that Soma acquired these seeds from a rasta in New York, and while the genetics of this hybrid are not fully understood, it is believed they are comprised of Sour Diesel, Afghani (indica) and Mexican (sativa) strains.

There are some unverified claims that this marijuana seed was a phenotype of Sour Diesel, but it is also possible that it was actually the original Diesel strain or another strain with a similar terpene profile.

What is understood, however, is that NYC Diesel leans towards the sativa end of the spectrum, offering consumers balanced cerebral effects, inheriting the best of its impressive lineage. 

NYC Diesel Strain Terpene Profile

Undoubtedly unique, NYC Diesel´s pungent aroma and distinctive flavour have ensured its place in the heart of cannabis consumers across the globe. Terpene analysis has revealed a unique blend of earthy myrcene, peppery caryophyllene and fragrant pinene to be present within this legend of US and European dispensaries.

This intriguing concoction of terpenes is responsible for the NYC Diesel´s unique aroma that has been described as a blend of sweet citrusy lime, red grapefruit and gasoline. 

NYC Diesel Strain Effects

As a sativa-leaning strain, with a high THC content pushing 20%, NYC Diesel provides a strong cerebral-high, followed by a mild but full-bodied relaxation, marrying the best of both the sativa and indica in its genetics.

NYC Diesel is suitable for day time consumption as it can provide a welcome boost of energy, free-flowing creativity and increased motivation but be warned, that high THC level has ensured a certain potency that might make this strain more suitable for late-afternoon, rather than early in the morning. 

Indeed, while many consumers report an energised, euphoric effect, new users might find this potent cultivar to be quite powerful and as such, might find the strain to be more sedating as opposed to energising.

Medical Benefits NYC Diesel Strain

The NYC Diesel strain offers several potential medicinal benefits and thanks to its lack of adverse effects such as paranoia, is ideal as a medical marijuana choice, particularly for those with less cannabis experience.

Indeed, it is thought that this strains uplifting qualities are ideal for those suffering from depression or anxiety. Furthermore, with its euphoric effects and stimulating body high, NYC Diesel can also prove to be effective in treating physical conditions such as chronic pain and headaches. 

How to Grow NYC Diesel Strain

While NYC Diesel marijuana seeds do have a rather lengthy flowering time pushing up to 11 weeks from germination, those who do invest the time in these cannabis seeds will be suitably rewarded by a high yield of 400g/m2 from a marijuana cultivar of truly outstanding quality. 

Available in both regular and easy to grow feminised seeds from the MGS seed bank, NYC Diesel can be grown either indoors or outdoors but performs best when grown in an indoor, stable climate. When grown in an outdoor setting, NYC Diesel favours a dry, warm environment. 

NYC diesel thrives in healthy soil with plenty of micro and macro-nutrients. You can encourage micro-organism and mycorrhizal diversity through compost tea as this allows the plant to take in all the nutrients contained within the soil.