Buy CBD Enriched Warlock strain seeds

Cannatonic x G13 Haze x MK Ultra

by Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds crossed medical patients’ favorite, Warlock (indica dom) with the super high-CBD strain, Cannatonic. The resulting Limited Edition CBD Enriched Warlock is a turbocharged delight for your immune system. 4+% CBD and little to no psychoactive effects.

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CBD Enriched Warlock Strain Genetics

Parent strain Cannatonic can have a CBD profile of 6-15%, its offspring doesn’t reach those heights but brings more cerebral benefits in its own varied cannabinoid profile. There is G13 Haze and MK Ultra at grandparent level there. Warlock has been a popular medicinal strain for a long time, thanks to its great flavor, low THC, and high CBD.

CBD Enriched Warlock Strain Terpene Profile

Warlock is known for its great terpene profile; you have some limonene, myrcene, and humulene all doing a lemony, mango-ey, spicy little dance together here. The second parent in CBD Enriched Warlock is Cannatonic which brings some earthy and woody notes to the party.

CBD Enriched Warlock Strain Effects

Crossing Warlock and Cannatonic produced a great tasting bud with a slightly mellow, but short-lived high. Incredibly relaxing and warm, but still clear-headed. CBD Enriched Warlock is good for daytime use; bred to give less psychoactive effect than Warlock, and avoid couch-lock.

Medical Benefits CBD Enriched Warlock Strain

Low THC, averaging 8%, still brings the Sativa type benefits of energy, focus and good mood that help with stress and depression. CBD Enriched Warlock has a 2:1 THC to CBD ratio though, and the high CBD – 4+% means that the strain is great for reducing the chance of anxiety or paranoia. The high CBD content can help with a lot of conditions such as: Chronic pain, MS, PTSD, arthritis and glaucoma.

How to Grow CBD Enriched Warlock Seeds

For a medium height plant, CBD Enriched Warlock can still produce a high yield, both in- and outdoors. Producing very large, dense colas that are syrupy with resin, covered with lots of bright orange hair and a good even coat of crystal-like trichomes. The foliage has that lovely purple tint common amongst indica dom strains, and the buds themselves are round and sticky.