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Mexican x Afghani #1 x North Indian Indica

by Sensi Seeds

Early Girl is an indica created with the amateur home-grower in mind, specifically home-growers who live in the colder Northern European climates with little space or specialized materials and tools.

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Early Girl Strain Genetics

Introduced by Sensi Seeds in the mid 1980’s, indica-dominant Early Girl was designed for anyone to grow – in a garden, on a window sill, however cold the climate, or short the summers. Early Girl’s lineage lies in two landrace indicas, the Afghani and North Indian Indica and the landrace Mexican Sativa.

Early Girl Strain Terpene Profile

Early Girl’s flavor and scent are as familiar as they are tantalizing; in typical indica fashion she emanates a sweet, citrus and earthy, hash-like aroma that translates into a musky and yet sweet lemon flavor palette on the exhale.

Early Girl Strain Effects

The effect of Early Girl is, just like its cultivation, ideal for beginners. Its indica dominant traits do exactly what you’d expect: mainly relax the body for long periods of time. But unlike most indicas, the ”couch-lock” effect is not overly present, which means you can actually do something other than watch TV and zone out, like having an engaging conversation.

Medical Benefits Early Girl Strain

Due to her soothing and relaxing qualities, Early Girl can help you calm your mind as well as your body. It has been used as an aid for people undergoing severe stress or anxiety, and can help to relieve tensed muscles. Those same characteristics also appear to ease mild and even chronic pain throughout the body. Individuals with insomnia have reported beneficial effects from consuming Early Girl before going to bed.

How to Grow Early Girl Seeds

Early Girl’s finest feature is by far the ease with which the plant grows in cold, outdoor environments. The only thing this strain needs is regular watering, decent soil and a minimal amount of sunlight. The plant could, to some extent, flourish on a windowsill anywhere in the house.

Early Girl develops her main flower on the central stem. Most of the upper branches grow closely together, allowing their flower clusters to merge into the central cola. When Early Girl’s lower branches are left untouched, they may grow almost to the height of the main stem by the end of the flowering period, so that their large, dense buds seem to ”orbit” the terminal cola.