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Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani #1

by Sensi Seeds

Black Domina combines the world’s finest indica genetics into a fast-flowering, frosty-coated hybrid whose distinct looks set her apart from most other indica strains.

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Black Domina Strain Genetics

The blending of four heavyweights of the indica world culminated in a unique strain named Black Domina. Black Domina’s lineage lies in the combination of Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani.

Black Domina Strain Effects

Black Domina’s potent high is very physical. Best enjoyed in the evening, this strain provides an extremely sedative, heavy-bodied sensation that can leave you glued to the couch.

Black Domina Strain Terpene Profile

The extremely pungent, spicy and herbal aroma of Black Domina is almost as biting as pepper. Smoking this strain pure will give you the sensation that you are smoking hashish.

Medical Benefits Black Domina Strain

Medicinal users might want to use this strain to treat bodily pains and ailments. Black Domina helps loosen muscles and relieve pressure on nerve endings. Patients suffering from migraines have reported outstanding results using this strain, and those who are experiencing insomnia are advised to smoke it one hour to 30 minutes before going to bed.

How to Grow Black Domina Seeds

Black Domina is one of those indica strains that will grow almost anywhere, under any growing condition. The plant is easy to grow, flowers quickly, stays compact and produces large yields of big sticky buds that are frosty with resinous, crystalline trichomes.

All these characteristics make Black Domina a favored strain for cultivation, for beginners as well as veteran growers. The ease of cloning this strain makes it especially interesting for the latter group as a mother plant that will keep giving for many seasons to come!