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Royal Cookies by Royal Queen Seeds is the perfect fanciful snack for sweet moments of intense relaxing and euphoric mind and body high. But, NEVER underestimate ‘the Biscuit’. With very high THC content and tempting sweet aroma, this 80% indica will give you such a blow that you’ll remember a long time.

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Royal Cookies Genetics

Royal Cookies derives its genetics from an intensive breeding program based on a series of crossings among the best qualities of the Californian Cookies Forum varieties. The result is a very powerful 80% indica hybrid combining a delicious scent and aroma, very high THC levels and a great yield.

Royal Cookies Effects

Royal Cookies is an 80% indica with strong sativa traits and an above average THC content. The effect mixes cerebral-stimulating sensations with a relaxing body-stoned. Ideal conversation-starter, you’ll feel talkative, euphoric and happy for a long time after the first taste.

Royal Cookies Terpene Profile

Royal Cookies is particularly appreciated by cannaisseurs for its deliciously sweet and pungent scent. Once you have savored this delight, your mouth will be literally shocked by an intense, sweet, warm aroma, bringing to mind that of delicious freshly baked cookies, with an earthy and spicy aftertaste.

Medical Benefits Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies by Royal Queen Seeds could be helpful in managing stress and anxiety. Her high THC content and the euphoric cerebral effect typical with Sativa can be helpful for people coping with depressions and other mood disorders; furthermore, the soft physical effect related to her Indica genealogy is helpful in relieving chronic pain and sleep disorders.

How to Grow Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies has a short and stocky structure typically for an indica, with a minimum of internode spacing. This strain shows an excellent growth both indoors and outdoors in a warm climate. During the vegetative phase it’s reported to undergo an extensive growth spurt, and after 8-9 weeks of flowering, growers can appreciate an abundant yield. Grown outdoors, this strain is usually ready for the harvest in around mid-October.