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Amnesia Haze x Red Skunk

by Rockwell Seeds

These quick flowering feminised seeds have everything necessary to stand out from the crowd. Amnestesia is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Rockwell Seeds that is high in both THC and CBD. Easy to grow, and boasting a speedy flowering time, the name of this strain doesn’t only suggest its legendary roots, but also its potential usage as medicinal seeds.

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Amnestesia Strain Genetics

Brought to you by the Rockwell seeds bank, Amnestesia cannabis seeds are the child of two world-famous strains, Red Skunk, and the legend that is multi-time Cannabis Cup Winner (and winner of a multitude of other awards), Amnesia Haze

The cup winners in the DNA genetics of this quick flowering high in THC strain (pushing 20%) are notable not only in the flavour and aroma of Amnestesia, but also in the potent indica dominant buzz it creates. 

With a legend like Amnesia Haze appearing in the genetic makeup of these sweet seeds, Amnestesia is bound to make heads turn with its balanced blend of THC and CBD.

Amnestesia Strain Terpene Profile

These cannabis seeds have a distinctive and unique terpene profile combining myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. These terpenes don’t only have potential health benefits but are also responsible for the enticing aroma and moreish taste of this wonderful indica dominant hybrid strain.

Myrcene is the most prominent terpene found within this high in CBD content strain, providing that herbal flavour present in many strains of marijuana. Limonene adds a fruity touch to the taste and aroma, which is completed with a spicy, lingering kick caused by the presence of caryophyllene.

Amnestesia Strain Effects 

The recognisable haze like traits of the aroma and taste of this quick flowering cannabis is echoed by the effects of this high THC strain. A classic haze strain buzz can be expected, with a full-body relaxation sensation, with mind-calming qualities as well. 

As such, Amnestesia is an excellent choice for a chilled out evening, or a lazy Sunday spent kicking back on the sofa but is not as advisable for days when you need to be that little more active!

Amnestesia Strain Medical Benefits

Both the THC and caryophyllene present in Amnestesia binds to cannabinoid receptors, offering potential pain relief. At the same time, CBD acts as a regulator, not binding to receptors, but instead enhancing their ability to bind to other cannabinoids, which has the possibility of increasing the pain-relieving ability of both the caryophyllene and THC in these medicinal seeds. 

Myrcene also acts as a terpene regulator, which means the pain-relieving and anti-stress qualities of limonene could be enhanced by this terpene as well as the high CBD content. This makes Amnestesia a potentially useful medical marijuana for sufferers of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, similar to other high CBD strains and certain haze strains

How to Grow Amnestesia Seeds

Currently available as feminised seeds, Amnestesia is a great choice for beginner growers –  With a fast flowering time, and generous yield, first-timers should have little problem in growing this hybrid indica dominant seed. Branches of the plant don’t take up too much space, useful for indoor growers, who can expect a harvest in around eight weeks. 

Outdoor or greenhouse growth is possible with Rockwell Seeds‘ Amnestesia feminised cannabis seeds, but only in warmer climates such as the Mediterranean. Those in cooler temperatures are advised to stick to indoor growth.

In less than ten weeks, you can expect a high yield of dense, resinous buds from these delicious seeds, with a crystal coating reminiscent of its parents, Red Skunk and Amnesia Haze.