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Moonshine Haze x Ghost Train Haze

by Rare Dankness

Haze for days with this spectacular, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Colorado’s Rare Dankness seed company, which blends two of its own potent, high THC level favourites to form a resinous, orange and green beauty.

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Moonshine’s Ghost Haze Strain Genetics

Cannaisseurs may be able to guess the genetics of this Rare Dankness marijuana strain from the name. Two Rare Dankness sativa strains play parent here, in the shape of 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup winner Moonshine Haze (Nevil’s Wreck x Amnesia Haze) and Ghost Train Haze (Ghost OG x Nevil’s Wreck)amongst the strongest strains.

That’s some of the most potent strains making up the family tree of this hybrid strain, ensuring a high THC content of up over 22% in most cases. Expect some indica growing traits despite the sativa dominance, including high yields and a rich coat of trichomes. The flavours here are classic yet have their own personality, and the buzz is as long-lasting as it is fast-acting!

Moonshine’s Ghost Haze Strain Terpene Profile

There is a complex flavour profile at play with Moonshine’s Ghost Haze. While all the tastes and aromas are familiar, the combination feels new! One of the main terps here is terpinolene, which brings the piney, herbal tones of Ghost OG to the forefront, especially on the exhale.

Those kush-like herbal notes are given an earthy kick by another common cannabis terpene, myrcene, while the inhale mixes the citrus hints of limonene with the diesel-tinged tingle that comes from caryophyllene. Working together, these terps create an enchanting blend, traditional yet modern all at once, an absolute treat!

Moonshine’s Ghost Haze Strain Effects

The Haze genetics of these feminised seeds outweigh the THC content when it comes to the effects of this Moonshine Haze x Ghost Train Haze #1 hybrid strain, resulting in an uplifting, energetic, and talkative buzz. Expect a euphoric mood to accompany every minute of this long-lasting high, with a cerebral undertone that lends itself well to deep and meaningful conversations.

The body buzz is more relaxing, so don’t expect to be running around getting errands taken care of, but you won’t be couch-locked either. A perfect accompaniment to an evening walk or just sitting under the stars shooting the breeze with loved ones. The energy of the buzz should start to alleviate late on, so sleeping won’t be a problem!

Moonshine’s Ghost Haze Strain Medical Benefits

Those with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia have noted not only pain relief but also a reduction in inflammation and muscle spasms when using Rare Dankness – Moonshine’s Ghost Haze. This potential medical benefit is thought to come from the high THC and caryophyllene levels.

Additionally, the medical marijuana genetics could also assist in the relief of stress and anxiety symptoms, thanks to terpenes that have long histories of folk medicine use for those purposes, as well as, of course, that hefty THC content. Together, these elements may aid in alleviating the severity and reducing the longevity of anxiety symptoms.

How to Grow Moonshine Haze Strain Seeds

Moonshine Haze cannabis seeds are not the fastest flowering, taking 10-11 weeks from germination to reach full flower, but the high yield and sublime flavours (not to mention the spectacular buzz) more than makeup for that extra waiting time. In terms of work to be done, when germinating, it’s advised to use rock wool cubes and a small cloner that helps to make cuttings. Once growing, the odd trim will help – and be sure you have the space for the heavy branches of the cannabis plants – but beyond that, not much is necessary!

Outdoor growers of these fem marijuana seeds can expect harvest time to fall somewhere between late October and early November. Because of this, greenhouses or very warm climates are recommended for optimum results. When ready, these feminised marijuana seeds (autoflowering and regular seeds not currently available) will be decorated with orange pistils, while the thick, dense buds wear an impressive coat of crystal trichomes, perfect for resin extraction.