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Granddaddy Purple x Diesel x LV Indica x White Widow

by Purple Caper Seeds

The namesake of the Purple Caper Seeds Company, these regular Purple Caper regular cannabis seeds blend Kush and Diesel flavours for a truly outstanding impact. With phenomenal genetics full of award-winning names, this indica-leaning Bay Area classic is the parent of many designer strains from this popular seed company.

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Purple Caper Strain Genetics

Purple Caper marijuana seeds have some of the highest quality central valley Cali parentage, with Granddaddy Purple and Diesel on one side, and LV Indica and White Widow on the other! Not only does this lineage provide a host of Cannabis Cup gongs, but it’s also full of some of the most recognisable flavours and aromas that the cannabis world has to offer!

The Purple Caper lineage ensures a classic strain, with purple hues on the buds, incredible yields, and a multitude of potential medical benefits amongst the heirlooms handed down the family tree! Purple Caper is also among the seed company’s best fathers, boasting connoisseur’s favourites Zkittlez Caper, Fire Lady, and Grand Caper amongst its offspring.

Purple Caper Strain Terpene Profile

The Purple Caper terpene profile provides the blend of spectacular tastes and smells this hybrid offers. The most dominant aroma, lingering in the room after exhale, is that classic herbal, OG Kush-like scent reminiscent of Grandaddy Purple, which is due to one of this hybrid strain’s dominant terpenes, myrcene.

Also present in the Purple Caper flavour is that fuel-heavy scent of the Diesel strains in the genetics, predominantly due to the presence of caryophyllene. Also expect a forest touch on the inhale, thanks to pinene, and a fruity tingle on the lips on exhale (similar to Key Lime Pie, GSC, Sherbert, and more) created by another terp, limonene.

Purple Caper Strain Effects

The Purple Caper THC content is up around 20% and ensures a fast-acting and long-lasting high. There’s a pleasing contradiction that plays out in your body thanks to this potent California strain, combining a happy and uplifted mind, bordering on euphoria, with a full-body buzz that provides total relaxation.

These contrasting effects complement each other perfectly. The Purple Punch of Purple Caper supports deep, meaningful, and giggly conversation from a state of intense comfort on the sofa, bed, or anything else soft enough to do the job!

Purple Caper Strain Medical Benefits

Purple Caper is seen by many as one of the best modern medicinal cannabis strains, and for good reason. The Purple Caper potential medical benefits are a consequence of the high THC, storied genetics, and impressive terpene content. As such, Purple Caper can potentially make a big difference to mood, especially with those living with depression or anxiety disorders.

Similarly, the relaxing nature of the body buzz can help to aid sleep in those with insomnia related to anxiety and stress, supporting a good night’s rest and lightening the load in the morning. With pain and soreness amongst the many other reported medical benefits from consumers, Purple Caper medical seeds are a must for those considering medicinal marijuana.

How to Grow Purple Caper Strain Seeds

These high-quality Purple Caper cannabis seeds are pure indica in their growing traits, easy to cultivate inside and out, including in greenhouses. A great beginner strain, the Purple Caper flowering time can be as little as 7 weeks using SOG and SCROG indoor growing methods. High yields can be expected in all growing conditions, with a sea of dense, large, crystal-coated buds rewarding the minimal effort that goes into cultivation. 

If you are growing these Purple Caper Seed Company regular seeds outside, greenhouse growth is recommended for colder climates to ensure a premium Purple Caper yield, that will produce an overpowering (in the best way) classic cannabis aroma some time before harvest time.