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OG Kush x Florida OG x Fire OG xTrue OG

by Purple Caper Seeds

Krippy Kushy cannabis seeds are a quick-hitting Florida classic with a potent THC content and fast-flowering traits. An indica-dominant hybrid with intriguing genetics, Krippy Kush is one of Purple Caper Seeds’ favourite breeding father strains.

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Krippy Kush Strain Genetics

These Purple Caper Krippy Kush seeds are the product of one multi-award-winning seedbank mainstay, OG Kush, and one rarer strain in the OG family tree, Florida OG, with Fire OG xTrue OG thought to be included too. This blend of Florida and Bay Area, Cali genetics creates a marvellous myriad of flavours and scents, brought together with aplomb by this impressive hybrid cannabis strain.

Growers are well treated by the genetics here too, with OG Kush balancing out Florida OG’s often disappointing rewards for a higher than expected yield, a fast-flowering time, and an immense THC content that can reach above 30% in some cases.

Krippy Kush Strain Terpene Profile

The Krippy Kush seeds flavor profile is brimming with classic, old-school tastes and smells. However, there are some unique touches within the blend to ensure this is far more than just a tribute to its mother plants. Myrcene is a dominant terpene in this Purple Caper seeds strain and provides that earthy, herbal basecoat, especially to the lingering aroma after exhale.

Another Krippy Kush abundant terpene comes in the shape of limonene, which provides a dank, citrus tinge on the exhale, and a piney tickle on the inhale caused by the presence of pinene. However, the most powerful flavour on inhale is the fuel-injected Diesel tones that come from caryophyllene, the spicy terpene.

Krippy Kush Strain Effects

The buzz here is classic indica Kush, blending a euphoric high for the mind with an intense sense of chill for the body. Make sure you’ve got snacks available, because the munchies can be rapidly forthcoming, making this one of the best strains for parties and gatherings. If you’re planning a night in with some buddies, put some crisps and nuts on the table, and kick back for a night of engaging and giggly conversation.

Once the uplifting sensation starts to dissipate, the high Krippy Kush THC level will ensure that this Purple Caper marijuana strain will gently rock you to sleep, providing a peaceful night of psychedelic dreams and pure relaxation.

Krippy Kush Strain Medical Benefits

Thanks to the very high THC level provided by Krippy Kush weed, combined with a deep terpene profile, the Krippy Kush medical benefit potential is far-reaching. A relief for the symptoms of anxiety and stress is very possible here, with the happiness-inducing buzz helping the day’s problems fade away gently.

Additionally, those living with chronic pain may find this strain works well with the endocannabinoid system to support the body’s ability to deal with the symptoms of such conditions. Potentially softening both the intensity of pain and its duration.

How to Grow Krippy Kush Strain Seeds

A cannaisseur’s dream, Krippy Kush regular cannabis seeds are not the easiest to grow, but these spectacular plants certainly make the effort worthwhile! Outdoor growers are highly recommended to utilise a greenhouse if possible, as these marijuana seeds can be sensitive to the elements. The Krippy Kush strain flowering time should be between 8 and 10 weeks from germination for indoor growers.

Despite being low on sativa content, these cannabis plants can grow leafy in a hurry, so ensure you have your green-fingers out for regular pruning and ensure the lighting is right for the photoperiod. These seeds should respond well to both SOG and SCROG growing techniques, with hefty, dense, and colourful buds appearing as harvest time grows closer. 

Coated in crystal trichomes, this is an excellent strain for resin extraction. A high yield both inside and outside will give you a robust batch of high quality, incredibly potent, classic tasting buds.