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OG Kush x Fire Lady

by Purple Caper Seeds

Fire OG seeds are an indica-dominant hybrid from Purple Caper with an explosive buzz and a delicious flavour combination. A hugely popular Bay Area OG cannabis strain, especially amongst indoor growers, these high yielding regular seeds provide hefty buds and a high THC content.

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Fire OG Strain Genetics

One of the most potent of all OG marijuana strains, the Purple Caper Seeds Company’s Fire OG lineage blends the multi-award-winning classic OG Kush with Purple Caper’s rare and much-loved Fire Lady.

The OG Kush traits are strong in this indica-dominant strain. Expect a high yield, thick and amplified scents and flavours, Fire OG is basically a supercharged OG Kush, with the herbal, citrus aroma taking over the room in seconds and lingering in the air for hours to maintain a pleasing, classic OG vibe to your evening. Fire OG has also fathered many popular herbal children, including Chocolate OG and Grandaddy OG.

Fire OG Strain Terpene Profile

If you love your classic marijuana strains, but pine for a more explosive version, then the Fire OG flavours and scents are precisely what you want from life. The Fire OG dominant terpenes include myrcene, which rewards the smoker with that immensely herbal, old-school scent, while a citrus tickle on the exhale comes via limonene.

Finishing up the abundant terpene trifecta (there are more terps at play under the surface, however) is caryophyllene, with those spicy, robust, jet fuel undertones on the inhale handed down from the Diesel strains in the OG Kush lineage.

Fire OG Strain Effects

Due to the impressive Fire OG THC levels (25% or more) and swift-acting high, the buzz of this marijuana strain is as memorable as it is powerful. The two most frequently described effects are intense relaxation and uplifting, euphoric joy, which is quite the combination of pleasing effects.

Not one for couch-lock, but also certainly not a strain for when you have too much to do, Fire OG really comes into its own at the end of a busy day, when you’re looking for that high-quality sense of chill between finishing your necessary jobs and falling into a beautiful sleep. If you’re looking for a helping hand during that process, there are none more helpful than the herbal helping hands of Fire OG!

Fire OG Strain Medical Benefits

With effects like those mentioned above, it is no surprise that top of the list of oft-recounted fire OG medical benefits is stress relief. That isn’t just a case of ‘this strain helps calm you down’, but more the proclamation that this hybrid cannabis strain will provide deep and long-lasting relief for the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The THC and terpenes contained within Fire OG medical seeds also have the potential to assist with pain, from joint pain to migraines. The caryophyllene, THC, and limonene combination, along with myrcene (which is thought to act as a regulator) aids the body’s pain response and may lessen the severity and duration of chronic pain symptoms.

How to Grow Fire OG Strain Seeds

Fire OG regular seeds (Fire OG is currently unavailable as feminized seeds) are not the easiest strain to grow, especially for outdoor growers. Inside is easier, but these plants will still need regular pruning, plenty of love and care as well as general upkeep. That said, the effort pays off after around 8 weeks after germination when a host of heavy, dense, buds decorated with red hairs will appear on the plants and start to give off that old-school OG smell.

For outdoor growers, outside of very hot winters, success is far from ensured. We highly recommend only trying to cultivate these cannabis seeds in a greenhouse, as even Mediterranean climates may not be enough to keep these plants happy. 

The Fire OG yield is mighty impressive, and harvest time should be mid to late-October when growing outdoors. For ease, we recommended SOG or SCROG indoor methods for these Fire OG marijuana seeds to optimize the effects of these resinous and sweet-smelling nugs!