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Haze 1 x Haze 9

by Positronics

Positronics Seeds selected cannabis seeds from many Haze varieties to create this ultimate daydream: One Love Haze. Quick to grow indoor cannabis with thick buds, these feminised cannabis seeds will please both experienced and novice growers alike. Fragrantly familiar and exotic at the same time, One Love Haze will satisfy both old school experts and the canna-curious newcomers.

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One Love Haze Strain Genetics

By crossing Haze strain types Haze#1 and Haze#9, Positronics Seeds has created sativa-dominant One Love Haze feminised cannabis seeds with impressively dank genetics that will impress even the most high-minded Haze cannaseurs. Strain hunters should keep an eye on these exotic marijuana seeds, as they may become the next big cannabis cup winner.

One Love Haze Strain Terpene Profile 

Take a whiff of One Love Haze and see how many herbal notes you can smell: thyme, basil, cedar, incense, even mahogany. With a rich scent of herbs and spices, this marijuana strain has an earthy and familiar aroma thanks largely to its impressive terpene profile. 

Including limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene and terpinolene, Positronics Seeds crafted One Love Haze to contain nuanced flavours with notes of citrus, fruit and herbs.

One Love Haze Strain Effects

True to its dank genetics, Positronics Seeds made One Love Haze to be the life of the party. An uplifting sativa dominant seed and energizing strain, One Love Haze will lift you up on your feet and bring your tribe together for those high vibe good times.

Shown to help stimulate, uplift and inspire, try growing One Love Haze feminized marijuana seeds to enjoy with creative projects or social gatherings.

Medical Benefits One Love Haze Strain

One Love Haze female seeds were bred to highlight the best medical marijuana genetics that Haze strain types have to offer, which means a high level of THC (somewhere between 18 and 22%) and a rich terpene profile.

While this marijuana strain does not contain CBD, keep in mind that high THC strains are known to help relieve chronic pain and stress. As a sativa dominant strain with strong medical marijuana traits, One Love Haze may provide mental energy, clarity and focus to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

How to Grow One Love Haze Strain

Easy to grow indoors or outdoors, these sativa-dominant cannabis seeds were chosen for their non-sativa-like characteristics, like thick stems and dark green leaves. 

When growing these female seeds indoors, be sure to add stakes to the pots upon planting to help young plants grow strong and focus on providing energy to the buds. Outdoor cultivators can expect One Love Haze’s exotic seeds to grow into a very tall plant, reaching 3 metres in height with many more branches than an indoor cannabis grow.

Try planting these feminized seeds in mid-summer to keep the grow height at 1.5 metres for a more manageable harvest and feed One Love Haze feminized seeds a variety of complete nutrients at all stages to ensure this plant reaches its full genetic potential where you can expect an enormous yield of delightful buds.