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Lemon Haze x G10

by Positronics

Take a trip down the lemon lane, with these highly exotic seeds brought to us by the experts at Positronic Seeds. Lemon Trip is a sativa-dominant delight with a highly uplifting effect and refreshing citrus flavour.

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Lemon Trip Strain Genetics

The careful culmination of Lemon Haze and G10 (a strain hailing from Latin America) Lemon Trip truly is a labour of love, carrying with it some monster genetics. 

Positronics Seeds are pioneers in perfectionism, and after years of experience with G10, a citrusy strain in its own right, this seeds co decided it just wasn’t citrusy enough. So, they experimented until they found a way to get those tangy tones just perfect, and voila, Positronic Seeds brought us Lemon Trip cannabis seeds. 

Lemon Trip Strain Terpene Profile 

With DNA genetics including Lemon Haze, one would be forgiven for assuming limonene would be the overriding note in these sweet seeds, but Lemon Trip is full of surprises. Unusually, terpinolene leads the charge with this sativa-dominant hybrid, kicking out a dense fruity aroma guaranteed to make an impression on the nose. 

As Lemon Trip’s scent lingers, a secondary spiciness kicks in, attributed to the warm peppery presence of caryophyllene. A distinct but subtle spike in ocimene is also at play within these female seeds, both grounding and complementing Lemon Trip with an earthy edge, resulting in a delectable combination of citrus and spice and a rare dankness unique to these exotic seeds. 

As the name suggests Lemon Trip produces plants that could have been plucked straight from the lemon tree, but unlike other citrusy cannabis seeds, Lemon Trip strikes up a seductively moreish balance between sweet and sour.

Lemon Trip Strain Effects 

Revered for its ability to relax due to the dominance of terpinolene, Positronics Seeds Lemon Trip might be just the ticket for strain hunters looking to free themselves from the funk. Rather than a sudden soaring euphoria that may be intimidating for some, the high you get with Lemon Trip comes on steadily, with consumers likening the effect to that of ”beaming cheeriness” probably thanks to that Lemon Haze parentage.

Lemon Trip is perfect for chilling out with friends, the mellow, happy high you get from Lemon Trip cannabis seeds makes socialising a breeze, with clarity of consciousness helping to evoke deep conversation and creativity effortlessly. With such a seemingly discreet high, there aren’t many situations this sativa-dominant hybrid wouldn’t pair well with.

Lemon Trip Strain Medical Benefits 

If you suffer from either stress or depression, you’ll know how frustrating it is when your motivation takes a hike. However, with Lemon Trip’s multi-faceted terpene profile affording you a clear mind, the soothing effect from the terpinolene content in these sweet seeds makes it an ideal medical choice for countering stress. This is backed up by caryophyllene, an anti-anxiety powerhouse. 

Boasting a high THC level (around 18%) and relatively low CBD content, the promise of such a calm, cerebral high hails Lemon Trip cannabis seeds as a potentially effective treatment for conditions such as insomnia and PTSD.

How to Grow Lemon Trip Strain

Relatively easy to grow, Positronics Seeds Lemon Trip can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, with these cannabis seeds requiring a flowering time of around ten weeks for indoor crops which should yield about 500g per m2 – 600g if you brave the great outdoors.

Aesthetically, you can expect a beautiful mid-sized cannabis plant from these Lemon Trip feminised seeds, with an abundance of branches but very few leaves, making trimming extra easy.

Expect Lemon Trip’s fast buds to be plastered in a thick layer of deliciously perfumed resin. However, these signature mega buds may become all too generous, and your cannabis seeds could end up hindered by their own success, but not to worry, just be prepared to show your garden of green a little support, quite literally.