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by Philosopher Seeds

Brought to you by Philosopher Seeds, Early Maroc is a pure sativa strain created through careful selection and breeding of a Moroccan landrace cannabis strain. Easy to grow, Early Maroc feminised seeds are particularly recommended for outdoor cultivation, providing impressive yields, and an equally impressive cerebral, euphoric buzz.

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Early Maroc Strain Genetics

The pure sativa Early Maroc cannabis strain emerged from a thorough selection of a very early pure landrace from Morocco. Since this variety is particularly difficult to grow indoors, developing these feminised seeds became a lengthy and challenging breeding project for the Philosopher Seeds team. 

Still, with a little patience and perseverance, a truly spectacular pure sativa strain emerged from the fruits of their labour to satisfy even the most demanding of strain hunters. 

Early Maroc Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile of Early Maroc is yet to be fully developed, we can make educated guesses based on the flavour, scent, and genetic profile of this strain. 

There are two notable sides to this sativa strain, the early and the late. Early on, a fruity, sweet, almost bubble-gum like aroma is present, likely to be caused by a combination of limonene, which adds a citrusy sweet touch to the scent, and terpinolene, which brings a further fruity aroma to the plant when it’s green. 

The other side comes when the plant has been cured, with the scent transforming into a woody, earthy vibe, which, it can be safely assumed, comes from the presence of myrcene in this sativa cannabis strain and a spicy hint of black pepper caused by the potential presence of caryophyllene that provides a kick to the taste on exhale.

Early Maroc Strain Effects

Similarly to the flavour and aroma profile of Early Maroc, the effects of this cannabis strain from Philosopher Seeds also come in two phases. At first, you are likely to feel a swift burst of euphoria, which can also aid creativity and focus, followed a little later by a more chilled, relaxed sensation. 

A fairly high in THC strain (around 17%), Early Maroc is a great choice for a lazy day, the herbal accompaniment to a day of rest and recuperation The combination of creativity and relaxation gives this strain the ability to support artistic endeavours, or provide the perfect accompaniment to a day of debauched laziness.

Early Maroc Strain Medical Benefits

As a relatively high THC strain, Early Maroc does offer some potential for use as medical marijuana. As a pure sativa strain, there is a potential boost in serotonin that comes from this landrace strain, which may provide anti-anxiety and anti-stress traits, something that is echoed by the potential presence of limonene and myrcene in the possible terpene profile. 

THC can bind to receptors the endocannabinoid system which gives anti-inflammatory and pain relief potential to these cannabis seeds, which could possibly relieve swelling around the joints, easing both joint stiffness and associated pain.

How to Grow Early Maroc Seeds

While Philosopher Seeds Early Maroc is not recommended for growing indoors, these easy to grow feminised seeds are suitable for outdoor cultivation given its impressive precociousness.

Indeed, it is Early Maroc’s precocity and low requirement for nutrients and water that makes these female seeds particularly ideal for an outdoor grow and guerrilla growing.

A photoperiod flowering type, Early Maroc is a fast flowering strain compared to most outdoor plants. As such,  it is recommended to germinate these female seeds in late March or early April for your plants to harvest in August. The plants are strong and robust, and require minimal care, needing little in terms of water and nutrients compared to other outdoor cannabis varieties.

A bouquet for rich green flowers will let you know when the spectacular Early Maroc cannabis seeds are ready for cultivation with an outdoor harvest yielding an impressive 400g per plant.