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Sour Skunk x Albert Walker

by Pheno Finder Seeds

Take a walk on the sour side with Sourwalker from Pheno Finder Seeds — a tongue-tingling indica-dominant cannabis blend with an incredibly astringent flavour profile paired with a complementary cerebral kick. Available now at MGS in easy to grow feminised seeds.

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Sourwalker Strain Genetic Profile

If you’re serious about sour flavours, the folks at the Pheno Finder Seed bank have something up their sleeves that’ll really put your tastebuds to the test. Expertly bred for an uncompromising astringent taste, Sourwalker lineage blends the elite Albert Walker – a mysterious clone-only Afghan Skunk strain from the Pacific Northwest – with the iconic Sour Bubble, resulting in a formidable and fruity hybrid that’s packing some serious tang. 

Although not available as an autoflowering or regular seeds, thanks to their balanced and fully feminized genetic profile, Sourwalker marijuana seeds thrive in almost any environment and produce pungent, indica-dominant plants with a manageable but vigorous growth pattern. An excellent choice for beginners, why not take your first steps towards growing your own powerful and punchy marijuana plants at home with these feminized fuss-free seeds from MGS?

Sourwalker Strain Terpene Profile

Sourwalker flavour profile is incredibly acidic and designed for those who don’t shy away from strong smells. Once in full flower, its pervasive and pungent aroma – a stinging blend of skunk, herbs, and sour fruit – will quickly take over your grow space, so either carbon filters or a discreet outdoor location will be required when growing this strain. Its taste is a sweet and sour blend with diesel and kush overtones that’ll give your gustatory system a run for its money.  

This strain’s super sour flavour comes courtesy of several aromatic chemicals, including limonene – a tangy monoterpene that’s found in the peels of citrus fruits. Sourwalker dominant terpenes also include myrcene and humulene, which are often found in high concentrations in pheno’s with a strong Skunk heritage.

Sourwalker Strain Effects

Sourwalker effects walk a delicate balance between cerebral and physical owing to a hybridized mix and indica and sativa genes. Step into a world of tranquillizing physical bliss and psychoactive stimulation and let your mind wander new paths of creative inspiration, your mood ascends to heady heights, and your body settles into a calming state of inactivity as it’s intoxicating influence takes control.

Tread carefully if you’re inexperienced with more potent strains. Sourwalker THC content hasn’t been lab-tested, but users can expect levels in the high teens, as its parents are both high THC/low CBD strains with concentrations measuring between 16-19%. 

Although it produces a happy and stimulating effect that’s great for sharing with friends, we can’t recommend this pheno for daytime use owing to the heavy sedative kick that comes at the end. 

Sourwalker Strain Medical Benefits

Like its recreational effects, the multipurpose nature of Sourwalker medical benefits can be attributed to its hybridized heritage. Boasting both mental and physical therapeutic potential, it can serve as a particularly effective medical cannabis strain for treating mood disorders. For example, the happy and uplifting effects it produces can offer immediate relief from the symptoms of depression, even if the effects are only temporary. 

Limonene – in the form of lemongrass tea – has been used for thousands of years in Brazillian folk medicine for its calming influence on the mind and body. Sourwalker medical seeds are also rich in this particular terpene, and its comparable relaxing effects can be used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, especially in social settings and when dealing with crowds.

How to Grow Sourwalker Strain

If you can overcome her signature scent, Sourwalker is an excellent starter strain that won’t give you a run for your money. Suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, these female seeds will develop into a vigorous, fast-growing cultivar with a moderate stretch. However, it should be noted that it can easily double in size during the onset of flowering. Its eye-watering sour skunk smell will also become noticeably pungent at this time, so proper filtration and a good dehumidifier will be required if growing in a greenhouse. 

Expect indica-typical plants with long, dense, bright green flowers, making this Albert Walker x Sour Bubble pheno an excellent SCROG or SOG candidate. Under the aforementioned conditions, growers can potentially increase Sourwalker yields from moderate to commercial quantity.

Sourwalker cannabis seeds flowering time is swift nine-ten weeks from germination, and this, paired with its feminized photoperiod genetics, allows for incredibly fast turnovers at a fraction of the effort because why walk when you can run? Unlike many classic skunk strains, growing Sourwalker marijuana seeds is a walk in the park, so why not take the opportunity and add this acidulated avenger to your cannabis collection today?