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Blue Sherbert x Gelato 33

by Pheno Finder Seeds

A new strain, born from a lovely crossing of Blue Sherbert x Gelato, Blue Sherbalato feminised seeds from Pheno Finder grow into indica-leaning hybrids with an enticing aroma and the potential for gorgeously coloured phenotypes. The next tasty offering from this international seed bank, Blue Sherbalato cannabis seeds, are easy to grow and a treat to consume.

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Blue Sherbalato Strain Genetics 

Showcasing the very best of its dank genetics, Blue Sherbalato feminized seeds lineage is a delectable union of the rare-yet-popular Blue Sherbert and the classic phenotype masterpiece Gelato #33, both balanced hybrids with potent indica and sativa effects. Pheno Finder Seeds Blue Sherbalato marijuana seeds boast a family tree that includes Thin Mint GSC, OG Kush, and Blueberry.


A delightful offspring of Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert, Blue Sherbert is a California-bred sativa-leaning hybrid known by strain hunters for its low availability, its citrus and blueberry aromatics, and towering mental effects. Gelato #33 also takes on the dank and skunky fruit of Sunset Sherbert, along with the powerful psychoactive strength of Thin Mint GSC.

Blue Sherbalato Strain Terpene Profile

Flavour chasers will love Pheno Finder Seeds Blue Sherbalato for its captivating aromas. Beginning with an intense base of rare dankness, bright streaks of fresh berries and sweet citrus soon burst through. Expect sweet kush and sugary fruit during resin production, growing into a full bloom of earthy berries and citrus candy that fills the room.

Blue Sherbalato sweet seeds’ dominant terpenes reflect their aromas, consisting of the rich and fruity myrcene alongside the sweet dough and spicy earth of caryophyllene. Limonene lends some zesty citrus, and hints of humulene deliver the classic warmth of earthy kush. 

Blue Sherbalato Strain Effects 

Led by its robust THC content and energetic terpenes, Blue Sherbalato weed produces a strong body high that leaves the mind clear and energized. The full-body relaxation and sedation of myrcene and caryophyllene help this beauty stay true to its indica leanings. At the same time, its sativa genetics and hints of limonene provide mental energy and a pleasant, slightly euphoric head high.

Blue Sherbalato’s THC levels can reach over 20%, just like its parents. Overconsumption might lead to some couch lock, but feel free to indulge after a long day at work or a heavy workout, as its body calming and pain-relieving effects will leave you in bliss. 

Blue Sherbalato Strain Medical Benefits

Blue Sherbalato medical seeds present potent medicine for the entire body, beginning with body relaxation and pain relief as the terpenic efficiency gets to work. Mental gloom and heavy thoughts soon dissolve beneath a limonene hug as the buzzy sativa qualities purge the mind of darkness. 

Paranoia and anxiety are kept low due to Blue Sherbalato’s hybrid balancing, allowing the mind to open into bursts of creativity and happiness as the stress melts away. Higher THC levels are also prone to stimulate the appetite, promote sleep, and boost serotonin production to combat depression.

How to Grow Blue Sherbalato Strain 

Growing Blue Sherbalato female seeds is an easy and rewarding experience for even the greenest of growers. Highlighting the compact growth of its indica lineage, these bushy plants benefit from sea-of-green setups. Showcasing photoperiod flowering traits, Blue Sherbalato indoor flowering times range between 9 and 10 weeks after germination.

Blue Sherbalato yields an average of around 550 grams per m2 of plants, but experienced growers have been known to coax out more harvest through hands-on techniques. Under a bright verdant canopy, expect solid buds in various shades of blue, purple, and red arriving near harvest time, especially so with cooler nighttime temperatures.