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Sour Dubb x MotorBreath #15

by Oni Seed co

One for the petrol heads and hydroponics enthusiasts, Dubb Breath, is an equally balanced, feminized cannabis blend from the Oni Seed co that crams together two fuel flavoured favourites into one delicious diesel hybrid. With a rapid flowering time and potent resin production, Dubb Breah is another welcome Oni seeds addition to our seeds bank. 

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Dubb Breath Strain Genetics

In a quest to create the ultimate diesel strain, the Oni Seeds company have merged two gas giants of the marijuana world, resulting in a cannabis strain of unparalleled flavour and impeccable growth genetics. 

The mysterious Sour Dubb, which mixes Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble genetics, makes an excellent starting point for these female seeds, and brings its prominent petrol tang and indica-dominant effects to the table. Completing the pairing is MotorBreath #15, a rare blend of Chemdog and San Fernando Valley OG, which pumps up the fuel flavours even further, but also lends Dubb Breath – aka Dub Breath – fruity accents and many other desirable characteristics.

Dubb Breath Strain Terpene Profile

Powered by diesel flavours, while no single compound can be held responsible for the chemical taste associated with gas strains like such as these, a mix of earthy terpenes like humulene and myrcene, along with sharper smelling terps like pinene and limonene, are the likely culprits.

This strain’s pungent aroma follows that of its ancestors, particularly Sour Dubb and OG Kush, with hints of citrus, candy and strawberries discernable beneath more dominant fuel flavours. Leaving a moreish taste upon the tongue, this aromatic strain might blow your mind if overused, but with addictive flavours like these, who would blame you?.

Dubb Breath Strain Effects

As a cannabis hybrid that’s equal parts sativa and indica, Dub Breath cannabis seeds are double the trouble and boasts a balanced and but very potent range of sensory effects. A deep sense of physical relaxation is joined by an intense cerebral experience that borders on psychedelic, with a very high THC content ensuring a long-lasting and heavy-hitting high every time.

Due to its extreme strength, Dubb Breath is recommended for seasoned cannabis users as its heady effects can easily blow the mind of the unprepared. But if you’re after an intense experience for both body and mind, this is the marijuana strain for you. 

Dubb Breath Strain Medical Benefits

Strong genetics and a dynamic terpene profile means Dubb Breath medical seeds are suitable as a medicinal alternative, particularly for mental conditions. While myrcene can help with sleep disorders, the strain’s psychoactive potential and limonene content can inspire creative potential and feeling of calm, making it great for easing anxiety.

Pinene terpenes can also counter the unwanted effects of cannabis, which is excellent for coping with memory loss and paranoia that can sometimes accompany high THC strains such as this. Those who have struggled with traditional medications in the past should consider trying these medical seeds as part of their next prescription. 

How to Grow Dubb Breath Strain

These feminized cannabis seeds have an especially exciting growth pattern, which can make them a little more challenging to cultivate than the average marijuana strain. Forming a single central cola surrounded by mid-height satellite branches, which may benefit from support stakes to help them bear weight without breaking, this plant is perfect for the SOG method and professional cultivators seeking a new challenge.

Any growth difficulties are offset by the plant’s giant yields and a quick flowering time of 9-10 weeks. Thanks to the high THC content and captivating terpene profile of these fantastic female seeds, its plant’s round, trichome-covered buds offer generous returns of potent and aromatic resin, making Dub Breath – like many Oni Seeds Co releases – an excellent option for creating cannabis concentrates.