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Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies

by Oni Seed co

Creatures of the night beware! Black Garlic is an indica-dominant Girl Scout Cookies hybrid from the Oni Seeds co. A welcome addition to the ever-growing MGS seeds bank, Black Garlic boasts a sour bite and tons of sticky resin – perfect for concentrate vampires of the cannabis community.


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Black Garlic Strain Genetics

This somewhat stinky, sour hybrid from Oni Seeds Co features old and new school genetics, blending Cookies and Diesel DNA from two top-shelf marijuana strains. 

GMO (aka Garlic Cookies), a crossbreed of Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, brings a range of tangy scents and flavours to these indica dominant feminized seeds along with medical-grade painkilling properties that will delight medical marijuana users. Sour Dubb), a hybrid with mysterious origins that marries Rez Dog’s Sour Diesel IBL and Sour Bubble, completes the pairing with its own acerbic sting and heady indica effects, resulting in a flavoursome, feminized cannabis strain with favourable growth credentials. 

Black Garlic Strain Terpene Profile

Black Garlic marijuana seeds are characterised by their impressive production of resin and terpenes. Its sourness is the result of high levels of limonene, an aromatic compound associated with citrus scents, while caryophyllene and myrcene provide additional layers of intense flavour.

A thick coating of sticky resin emits a pungent petrol aroma that’s mixed with the sweet and sour tang of Sour Dubb. Extending to this cannabis strain’s fantastic flavour, these organic and fuel flavours – the product of its Chemdawg ancestry – are met with a lip-smacking citrus taste you’ll want to savour all night long.

Black Garlic Strain Effects

Sour Dubb is a balanced cannabis strain with both physical and cerebral qualities, and the Girl Scout Cookies phenotype is famed for a similar range of effects. Black Garlic female seeds follow in kind, providing a potent head buzz, but a slightly more indica dominant experience than its parent plants.   

A high THC content means that like its distant relative Chemdawg, Black Garlic is particularly strong and should be reserved for cannabis users with a high tolerance. That said, its effects are relaxing rather than sedative, allowing you to appreciate the happy, euphoric buzz it brings without any fear of couchlock. 

Black Garlic Strain Medical Benefits

Due to high levels of caryophyllene, but a comparatively low myrcene content, Black Garlic – like Sour Dubb – is known for its medical marijuana genetics and impressive ability to relieve pain without putting you in bed in the process. Perfect for patients with chronic physical conditions, these analgesic effects are just one of many therapeutic bonuses of these powerful medical seeds.

Limonene terpenes are known to inspire happiness and a general feeling of wellbeing, and as such, Black Garlic is also a prime candidate for relieving the symptoms of depression.

How to Grow Black Garlic Seeds

Cultivators who opt for Black Garlic feminized seeds from the Oni Seeds company can expect easy to grow, vigorous, indica dominant plants with dense buds and well-formed calyxes that can easily take on darker colours in the later stages of blooming.

With a quick flowering time of 9-10 weeks and delivering decent yields of extra resinous cannabis flower, Black Garlic cannabis seeds are one of many Oni Seeds that’s been custom-designed for those interested in resin extraction. Available as female seeds only, Black Garlic´s rich terpene profile gives generous returns of the absolute highest quality.