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Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies

by Jungle Boys Seeds

For a sticky, chocolatey treat with a profoundly relaxing cerebral kick that doesn’t sedate, try Lava Cake from the Jungle Boys Seeds company – a sweet and fruity indica-dominant chef’s special that’s indescribably moreish.

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Lava Cake Genetic Profile

Chocoholic cannabis strain fans will go completely coco for this delicious Cookies strain from the Jungle Boys seed bank. Named for its super delicious dessert flavour, Lava Cake lineage blends genetics from Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies (aka Thin Mint GSC) – two venerated Girl Scout Cookies phenotypes – to form an incredibly indulgent indica-dominant hybrid with an unmatchable minty chocolate flavour and stress-busting cerebral effects.

Jungle Boys are a Santa Ana-based cannabis company with over a decade’s experience in cultivation and breeding practices, and Lava Cake marijuana seeds represent just one of their many success stories. Now available from MGS as regular seeds, sweeten up your grow space with this addicting and ambrosial marijuana treat! 

Lava Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Set your tastebuds to stunned because Lava Cake flavour and aroma is a sweet and silken mix of mint and rich chocolate accents that don’t disappoint. A tasty bouquet of pine, stone fruit, nuts, and herbs complement these fresh-baked, doughy flavours, adding further levels of refinement to this disarmingly delicious dessert strain.

Lava Cake dominant terpenes include limonene, caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene. It’s this latter compound – found in many conifer plants like pine – that gives this pheno its minty exhale and refreshing kick. Used throughout the perfume industry and as a potent insect repellent, this organic isomer also helps to mitigate some of the adverse psychoactive side effects of marijuana.  

Lava Cake Strain Effects

Lava Cake effects are perfect for inspiring thoughtful reflection before bed at the end of a long and stressful day. While opening with a light euphoric lift and burst of sativa-like cerebral energy, this soon subsides as your body begins to settle into a deeply relaxing physical state. Lacking the heavyset sedation that accompanies many high THC/low CBD strains, this moreish marijuana hybrid won’t make you feel drowsy, even after a second helping. Instead, expect plenty of creative thought and introspection and a feeling of total ease with the world around you.

Lava Cake THC level is a moderate 16-18%, and though its effects come on strong, they’re not so powerful that lower tolerance users can’t enjoy a taste. Though this Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies cut can be enjoyed during the day, we still recommend saving for after your evening meal to make the most of its indulgent attributes.

Lava Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Lava Cake medical benefits are wide-ranging and extend not only to stress relief but physical ailments and pain reduction. While a rich and chocolatey dessert can be too sickly sweet for some, this kind of Lava Cake can actually help reduce nausea through its inflammatory action and effect on cannabinoid receptors in the gastrointestinal tract. This makes it highly suitable for patients undergoing chemotherapy or with GI disorders. 

As mentioned, weed grown from Lava Cake medical seeds can also be especially effective for those suffering from chronic stress. Primarily a relaxant, its effects promote a calming, tranquil experience for both body and mind, which can offer a dose of sweet relief in the maddening pace of the modern world.

How to Grow Lava Cake Strain

Growing Lava Cake cannabis seeds may require some experimentation as Jungle Boys haven’t provided much growth information about this particular plant. Faring equally well inside or out and producing dense and bulbous indica-dominant plants with rich hues of purple and green camouflaged by orange hairs and glistening crystal trichomes, it’s a relatively easy pheno to care for and will respond well to most environments, pruning, training, and various yield boosting techniques

Lava Cake flowering time is around eight-ten weeks from germination, which is about average for a regular seed type. For quicker and easier cultivation, we suggest choosing an autoflowering plant or a feminized variety, which can eliminate much of the time and worry that comes with cannabis cultivation. Reports from previous growers suggest Lava Cake yields to be higher than average, reaching up to 450g per m2 inside or up to 500g per plant outside. Of course, if you’re using a SCROG set-up, these numbers can be pushed even higher, giving you more than enough of this delicious and dank dessert strain to share with your friends.